Ok, The Ball's over. It was fun, actually. There were NO slow songs WHATSOEVER!!! Somehow, I'm happy. Lionpaw didn't notice me. Whatevs.

Everyone was singing along, dancing, and now I'm real tired.

After the ball, me and my friends Hawkpaw and Lilypaw (both girls) went to Hawkpaw's house and stayed up the whole night.

Also, other strange and creepy things about the ball:

There's a popular guy called Goldenpaw. He got a love letter at the ball. This had nothing to do with me. Yet his friend, Runningpaw, accused ME of writing it!!!

A guy with some brain disability, Blackpaw, locked himself in the boy's bathroom with a pocketknife and threatened to kill himself if a girl, Horsepaw, didn't say she liked him. She didn't, but some adults got him sent home before he could do the deed.


But the ball was fun!

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