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  • My occupation is Cabin 20 counsellor
  • I am A Demigod
  • Amberfire3

    If We Shadows...

    April 21, 2012 by Amberfire3

    ... Have offended

    Think but this and all is mended

    That you have but slumbered here,

    While these visions did appear

    So this weak and idle theme

    No more yeilding but a dream

    ~nerdy reciting of Shakespeare.. :)

    So recently I was in a play of 'A Midsummer's Night's Dream, and it was awesome. Yay.

    I was cast a speaking role, Peaseblossom the fairy. And the fairies had to wear really annoying wings, plus we had to TEASE our hair. It will take me, like, weeks to get all of the glitter off me.

    But luckily it all went smoothly and all is well.

    So give us your hands, if we be friends

    And Robin shall restore amends.

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  • Amberfire3

    Hey guys. I know, you missed me. (please say you've missed me :O )

    But the reason I was gone for 17 DAYS was because I'm currently on a 3 week long winter holiday! But really, it was mostly a summer holiday. Why, you may ask? Because I was upside down the whole time.

    That's right, I went to AUSTRALIA!!!!! It was pretty cool! I saw kangaroos, wallabies, little penguins, a platypus, a wombat, a tasmanian devil(in a cage) and some really cute flying mice.

    Sorry about neglecting u guys over Christmas, but my mom didn't bring her iPad and you can't edit stuff on an iPod touch.


    But anyway, Happy Holidays!!!!

    PRO!!! Epic sauce is good. Pro sauce is better! 02:56, January 3, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Amberfire3

    Tis' I, young beauty, and sing again! Mine eyes are enamoured to your face, as mine ear is endevoured to your song... But thee has a side compared to a wild canker-boar! A foul, fish-smelling sausage head!


    Er.. sorry about that. Just practising my Shakespearian...

    The Secondary Production this year is going to be (insert insane drumroll here)...


    I think you can guess who I auditioned for. The mischevious servent of Oberon, Puck!

    And you can guess who PEBBLEPAW tried out for...(insert piteous sigh here) Titania, a lead role and queen of the Fairies.

    It didn't quite go lke that.

    When the Cast List was announced this afternoon, Pebblepaw got the role of a fairy. Basically the Shakesperian extra.

    Hawkpaw got the role of t…

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  • Amberfire3

    Hallow's Eve...

    October 31, 2011 by Amberfire3

    HALLOWE'EN!!!! I have been waiting a year for this... Tonight it's hallowe'en!

    It's always awesome, because therre is this one street PACKED with people, and lost of candy too! ;) I LOVE CANDY, if you couldn't tell.

    What are you guys going/ went as? I'm going to be Hermione Granger...

    Also, share any creepy stories you know of...

    ☠Pumpkinface☠ HAPPY HALLOWE'EN!! Candy. Sorry. 08:55, October 31, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Amberfire3

    Thailand is awesome!!!

    October 15, 2011 by Amberfire3

    Hey guys! (darn, I have to stop saying that...)

    Here I am in Krabi, Thailand, for half-term break! W00t!

    Random 5 facts about Thailand cuz I'm really bored:

    1. Thailand is a kingdom, which means it has a king. 2. If you insult the king, you immediately get arrested. 3. The currency here is baht. 4. You seriously need sunglasses here. Seriously. 5. There is flooding in Bangkok, which is the capital (I think) but luckily it hasn't spread to Krabi.

    6. There are lots of crabs in Krabi, but they're only little sand crabs, nothing too exciting. 7. You haven't noticed that there are now 7 questions, not 5. -- Amberfire3 Happy Canadian thanksgiving! TURKEYS, EH? 03:06, October 15, 2011 (UTC)

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