If anyone noticed, I havent been here for a while. the last time i was here was the day before it started. I was riding around the neighborhood on my bike. I forget what I hit, but bottom line is, I ended up flying forward, my foot catching on the hanlebar, topling the bike over me (making my foot move the wrong way) as I smash my face into the ground, messing up my braces. I put my hands infront of me to break the fall, but it just sprained both of them. My friend didn't notice, or even care, and she biked on. I  was lucky I crashed outside a different friends house, and her parents called and drove me home. Now finnaly after lots of X rays, pain, more pain, And that stuff, here I am, failing at trying to be the first person to type with a cast.

Hope you guys understand. I wont be editing storys yet, and im suprised I managed to type this.

Darn, gotta edit this. Just went to the hospital to get another Xray. Turns out one of my arms isnt sprained. 

Its broken... Bleh. I hate this.

I win at things but lose at just as many

14:23, July 28, 2014 (UTC)

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