Hello everyone. I'm sorry I haven't been active! Oh wait, let me introduce myself to the new people here! I am Amazingwhiteclaw, And I faded out of this wiki after a while. And I'm back. I Guessing those of you who do know me want to know where I went. My school life was very busy. My new principal gave new standards to our school and now I am sent home with a billion pages of homework at night. And, With my new class, I was sort of picked on when I read Warrior cats, and people said stuff like "Oh, warrior cat is for grade twoers!" And constantly being pressured each day I gave up warrior cats and joined different fandoms like Sherlock, Docter who, and divergent. When I joined those though, I was called a geek. The only way to become "Cool" Was to do what they were doing like Grafiting the school, breaking the rules, and becoming the person I didn't wan't to be. I was considering doing it. Until there was the moment I logged onto this wiki. I looked. I wasn't geeky, or reading younger lirerature, I was belonging here. I'm acepted for who I am. Thak you. As for all of you out there, Know that you are a well respected, loved person. And If you ever in dark times, remember that. Remember it well. 

I will be more active from now on, I hope you enjoy my fanfics:)

Also, If you want me to read any stories and leave a comment on them, please comment the storie below!

Keep it a secret, it will be for the best 04:15, January 24, 2015 (UTC)
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