Amazingwhiteclaw Amazingwhiteclaw 28 April 2015

Apparently the new generation has taken over

Hi! I exist! Im one of the older users around (But not as old as other users)

I dont know half of you users, so wy not introduce yourself?

Keep it a secret, it will be for the best 02:59, April 28, 2015 (UTC)
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Amazingwhiteclaw Amazingwhiteclaw 24 January 2015

Im back!

Hello everyone. I'm sorry I haven't been active! Oh wait, let me introduce myself to the new people here! I am Amazingwhiteclaw, And I faded out of this wiki after a while. And I'm back. I Guessing those of you who do know me want to know where I went. My school life was very busy. My new principal gave new standards to our school and now I am sent home with a billion pages of homework at night. And, With my new class, I was sort of picked on when I read Warrior cats, and people said stuff like "Oh, warrior cat is for grade twoers!" And constantly being pressured each day I gave up warrior cats and joined different fandoms like Sherlock, Docter who, and divergent. When I joined those though, I was called a geek. The only way to become "Coo…

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Amazingwhiteclaw Amazingwhiteclaw 24 October 2014

A year

Woah. It's been a year on this wiki. I think that some of you noticed how I wasn't on that much.It might continue that way. I have lots of schoolwork to do, and I recently joined the PCA on WW. I may fade in or out from time to time, but It wont be very major edits. Sooo... Yeah.... Bye. (Sort of)

Keep it a secret, it will be for the best 14:35, October 24, 2014 (UTC)
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Amazingwhiteclaw Amazingwhiteclaw 15 September 2014


As some of us know user Bluejay12. She and me were friends. Great friends. We had a collab called Owlclan. Since jay left It wasn't continued. I would like for it to reopen again. Is there any voulenteers.

To vollunteer:

  1. I must be fammilier with you. (So no random users)
  2. You must know that we dont do chapter per person, we add on whenever we feel like
  3. You must be willing to accept :)

On the other note I would appreciate if somebody could recode my userpage? Say so in the comments. I would like it to be White (Main) Cyan, and blue. For the sections, Do: Favourites, friends, fanfics, collabs, Opinions, siggies, Oc's/fursonas, about me, and anything else you reccomend.


Keep it a secret, it will be for the best 02:29, September 15, 2014 (UTC) …
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Amazingwhiteclaw Amazingwhiteclaw 21 August 2014

sorry I havent gone on here for a while

If anyone noticed, I havent been here for a while. the last time i was here was the day before it started. I was riding around the neighborhood on my bike. I forget what I hit, but bottom line is, I ended up flying forward, my foot catching on the hanlebar, topling the bike over me (making my foot move the wrong way) as I smash my face into the ground, messing up my braces. I put my hands infront of me to break the fall, but it just sprained both of them. My friend didn't notice, or even care, and she biked on. I  was lucky I crashed outside a different friends house, and her parents called and drove me home. Now finnaly after lots of X rays, pain, more pain, And that stuff, here I am, failing at trying to be the first person to type with …

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