Hello! I'm Akrivus, I'm partially new here.

After losing touch with the Warriors series, it came back to me and I started making a new character and a story for him. I have never read a single Super Edition, but I am naming it off of those, they are literal names, and at the same time, figurative. The main character will be my character Frostpaw, and the book will be called, Frostpaw's Plague.

So dark, isn't it? I like it that way.

Here is where I got the name.

  • Frostpaw's plague of thoughts, he doesn't think he'll be a good warrior.
  • Frostpaw realizes he can see and hear things others can't, (Even his mother, Dovewing can't see or hear them.), which confuses him.
  • There is a plague, not the bubonic plague, but it is a lake-wide plague that kills some warriors.
  • Jayfeather get's really mad at Frostpaw, and then during the plague, he trusts Frostpaw to help him.
  • Oh, and Briarlight dies. (Such sad...)

Those are my naming ideas, and main points in my story. If anyone has some ideas for the story, please tell me.

Anyway, I hope to get more ideas soon!

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