Sorry, but I need to ask you this. Do you miss the Massacre? I have had writer's block on it for like a month. But happy news, I'm off of writer's block! I can now edit! 

Also, I'll be giving you a form so I can feature your Character, and so you can give me feedback. They're seperate forms.

Here it is. RULES! You NEED to have read the Massacre. No buts. NOW I'll post them.

The Feedback

  • How many times have you commented on the Massacre?
  • Do you actually want me to finish Chapter two?!
  • Who do you like best?
  • How would you rate the Massacre?! Out of 20?

The CHaracter

  • Name of Character
  • Looks of Character (no twolegs!)
  • Personality
  • Rank
  • Age
  • Extras

​You can fill out only one of you want, but I reccomend both. Also! 

Did you niss the Massacre?

  1. YES
  2. YEs, Somewhat
  3. Mixed
  4. Somewhat no
  5. Heck no!

​I reccomend you fill out these forms. Thank you! Ta~

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