Okay, so I was trying to post book one of my new fanfiction series, The Darkness Within, and the site wouldn't let me post it, saying it was 'Common Vandalism'. I'd like not to think that my books are vandalism, so... anybody know what's going on? 

Also, if anybody's interested, here's the summery:

"It is coming. It is coming, and we cannot stop it. This is one battle we cannot prevent."

When apprentices Hawkpaw and Jumppaw find that they've switched bodies, it is just the start of something strange and sinister. The Clans are on the brink of war, and no matter what they do, their actions only seem to make things worse. 

Meanwhile, a she-cat who has it all is experimenting with strange new powers, and sees the oncoming war for what it is- a plot to destroy everything...

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