Ouch, third blog already. Admins, please don't kill me, you have my permission to delete one of my other blogs (preferably this one?). I'm only blogging coz my friend (in rl) needs help.

Okay anyways.. let me explain the whole situation.


J = the friend that needs help

Mc = the bully in this situation

Mw = a friend involved in this

Pg = another friend involved in this

Z =   "                                                "

Okay, it all started in May when Mw, Pg, J, Z and Mc decided to make a groupchat on Snapchat without me, since I wouldn't understand the jokes they were making.

And they all agreed on not having me in the groupchat. 

But Mc felt as if I was being left out of something, so she deliberately added me.

And Mc started to call J selfish and other bad names, which resulted in J crying.

And Mw started saying that it was actually her (Mw's) fault for some reason.

So when I found out what happened, I was angry and I left the groupchat. I didn't even want to be there! 

So Mc and J hate each other.

And at school Mc is normal but then on Snapchat she's really rude to J.

And me, in fact. I tried to help J by confronting Mc today (on Snapchat) but who knows what Mc was thinking.

And even worse... Mc has turned Mw and Pg (sorta) against J. 

Mc acts like a 5 year old.. though she isn't. I'll list everything she does/did later.

And one time at school this month (I think) J told Mc to stop following us (me, J, Mw, Z, Pg) because we didn't want her to hang with us (it was interval), resulting in Mc crying for LEGIT 30 MINUTES.

Mc's changed... and is a bully. She thinks that it's all J's fault.. but she can't see her own.

I don't know how long J can last. But I do know that I've been her friend for most of my life, and that I need to step in and do something about this.

J needs help, and needs to tell a teacher/adult. Before Mc does.

And it may seem worse than it actually was if Mc told a teacher/adult. 

I don't want J to suffer like HL made me.

So someone give me some advice.. to tell J. She helped me with the HL problem.. and I think I could help her back.

And I know you guys give great advice. So let's all give J a hand, and make this stop.

I am NOT throwing away my shot! -My Shot, Hamilton

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