Hello people of the WFW! Beofre I say stuff, I must celebrate the fact that I reached 600 edits!! Yay!


I have an idea!

I got this idea from editing my contest blog. What if I asked you people to leave requests for mysimpleshows? 

Then your request will be uploaded on my YouTube Channel! 

If you don't know already, my channel's called Froststar of SnowClan.

So if you want me to make a custom mysimpleshow for you, then fill out this form:

Snivy Queen! Please make me a mysimpleshow

Based off:

Why (optional):

Additional Links (if you have any):

Thank you so much! 

So get to it! Ask me! If you just so happen win my Mystery Contest (1st or 2nd place) then please don't ask me to do a mysimpleshow on something you have in mind for your prize. 

Well, you can, but I suggest you leave it for last.

Bye! Get requesting if interesting!

I am NOT throwing away my shot! -My Shot, Hamilton

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