• digs herself out of her grave*

Sup, people!!! I have returned from my trip!!

Who cares about that, first of all sorry for being inactive for a couple of weeks but I guess it's no big deal

And I'm gonna celebrate my acheivement of getting 54 subscribers on my YouTube channel, Froststar of SnowClan, right here, right now.

  • takes a deep breath*



Anyways, the contest results!

I guess I won't do why the stories are good because I guess that would just take too long. lol

3rd Place:

Nighty with The Snatcher!!!

2nd Place:

Holly with Dawnfire's Secret!!

1st Place:

Storm with Nebula!!!

Thanks for participating and ask me either in the comments or message me on my talk page to tell me what prizes you want! 

Also update on the prizes:

3rd Place: 5 comments on 5 of your fanfix and a custom video for you. If you don't have 5 fanfix and win this prize then tell me what you want on my talk page and I'll whip it up as soon as possible (as long as it's not a signature lol)

2nd Place: a custom video for you and a custom cooltext banner and 3 comments on 3 of your fanfix

1st Place: a custom video, two cooltext banners (custom and 1st place in my contest) and a Judging Ticket (a ticket I give you if you can use to judge on of my contests)

The custom videos that I make for you will be uploaded to my YouTube Channel, Froststar of SnowClan. I'll tell you when it's ready, then go check it out. Do NOT worry if you love it. I will not be deleting it.

k thx bai

I am NOT throwing away my shot! -My Shot, Hamilton

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