Hey dudes!

I think I should be allowed to write this blog but, whatever. If I can't, then I'll get one of the admins to delete it or something but I should be fine.

Anyways, it's about the 9 Stars Series. 

I am pretty sure (90% sure) that all of us are going to be part of it. I mean like, writing it.

So. Just to tell you people. We will be working in 3 Groups. Every group has two people in it. 

And the two people work together, one person writing a chapter then the other writing a chapter, like a normal collab.

Group 1 will be writing Book 1, Group 2 will be writing Book 2, Group 3 writing Book 3, Group 1 writing Book 4 and so on.

Since you people are in groups, you can decide which cats you're gonna use and who's going first and stuff. You get what I mean. Hopefully.

So since I want to get started right away, I have arranged your groups.

Group 1: Cocopelt and Lyrics Group 2: Pumpkintail and Foxstep Group 3: Flameheart and Me

If you peeps have any problems with this, then comment below. If you don't, best if you get started RIGHT AWAY! Cause I want every group working on their first book, so we can make more progress.

Also, Foxstep, if you aren't doing the series with us, then that's fine, cause I will find someone else to take your place.

In fact, if anyone doesn't wanna do the series anymore, then I will ask another user to help out (take your place).

Thanks, all! If you agree with your working groups, then please get started ASAP!



Okay, Pumpkintail is not doing the 9 Stars anymore. I have already arranged/asked another user to help and step in.

So, um, I'll update u later on who it is! :D


Okay, Welcome our new 9 Stars team member: DayDreamyy Moo! :D

New groups: 

Group 1: Coco and Lyrix Group 2: Moo and Foxey Group 3: Flame and me

please try and get started immediately :D


i know Coco and Lyrix will be doing Wind (1)  and Shadow, Flame and i mite be doing River (1 or 2?) 

U can arrange it w/ ur partener, just tell me which and i'll say if u should

well maybe just ask ur partner and then ask me and Flame and I will do whatever is left

Also Flame mite not be in the series so...?

(evig em snoitseggus, sorry i rote in backward but pls)

yea see u in da next update!



Flame is doing the series! 

Also, we are already starting the series! I'll update this later byeeeeee

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