Chapter Two

Duskpaw jerked awake. Lilypaw was still asleep next to him. He didn’t want anything to happen to her. She reminded him so much of Lily back at the two-walker place. He was so afraid of losing her even though they met yesterday. A soft purr startled him. ”Good morning Duskpaw.” Lilypaw yawned. ”Oh. You startled me.” Duskpaw stammered. ”Is there something wrong?” She questioned. ’’No. Nothing at all.’’ He responded. ”Nobody can get any sleep with you two in the den!” Spritepaw grumbled. ”Sorry, but with you yelling like that, no cat can get any sleep!” Lilypaw retorted. ”Oh yeah. Speak for yourself.” Spritepaw sneered. Now that Lilypaw was triggered, Spritepaw went on! ’’What are you going to do when Sunstar finds out you were yelling in the den? Ha, nothing. Your weak and you can’t control your anger. Why else did you think your own mother chose to mentor you? She didn’t want to her complaints from the other warriors. No one likes you Lily-.” Lilypaw unleashed her claws. ”Just shut-up!!!!!!” Now everyone was awake. Even some warriors came to see what all the commotion was. Lilypaw sprang at him, claws forward. ”Lilypaw! Stop!” Duskpaw said as he sprang in between Lilypaw and Spritepaw before Lilypaw could reach him. Duskpaw felt pain as sharp claws accidentally raked the side of him. Duskpaw fell to the ground in agony. He felt as if a badger had attacked him. ’’D-d-duskpaw. I am so sorry. Oh! What have I done!” Lilypaw screeched, making Duskpaw flinch. ’’Holloweyes! Oh Holloweyes, where are you!” Paw steps sounded behind her. ”Nice scream, now you have scared all they prey away.” Holloweyes teased. ’’Lilypaw, how did this happen? It now the second time this moon. Hopefully we are more lucky this time.” Second time this moon? And what does she mean ’Hopefully we are more lucky this time.’ Has this happened before, and did the victim not survive? Duskpaw could barely see what was going on. He could just make out the shape of Lilypaw padding back and forth. She looked so upset. ”L-lily-p-paw,” he stammered. ”I-I’m all-l-r-right.” Lilypaw stopped and stared at him, hope in her eyes. ”Oh no your not!” Holloweyes responded. Lilypaw looked away. She clearly was upset.

When Duskpaw woke up he was surrounded by beautiful pink-leafed windy-branched trees. ”Oh good, your up.” Startled, by her voice, he looked up. ”Huh! That’s impossible. You are all healed and it’s only been a day. Normally it takes days, maybe moons to heal. But you, there’s something about you that’s different. Wait could it be? StarClan give me answers.” And with that she plopped down and fell asleep. Duskpaw got up from the pink-petaled nest and explored. He hadn’t seen this part of camp yet, but it was beautiful. ”Duskpaw, is that you. How did you survive?” Before she could say anything else, Duskpaw swept his tail over her mouth and pressed close to her.

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