Chapter One

This is now it all began:

¨Don´t do it, Bumble.¨ A beautiful she-cat mewed.  ¨Why not? You don´t know whats out there. Don´t worry. Lily, you know you could come with me.¨ He suggested. ¨You know I would never.¨she insisted.   ¨Then I guess this is good bye.¨   Bumble was a house cat. He wanted to know what it was like to be a wild cat. ¨You can´t be serious. After all we have been through.¨   Bumble drank in her sweet, familiar, sent for the last time. ¨I love you, Lily. I hope you know that.¨ And without hearing her response, he padded off, without looking back, beyond the two-walker wall. ¨I know. And I love you too. More than you will ever know.¨ And with that she padded in to the two-walker nest.

By the time Bumble found the Wild Forest, it was already sundown. ¨Okay. My journey starts here.¨ He was greeted with an aggressive yowl. ¨You´re on SunClan territory. I suggest you leave before I rip your fur off!¨ The strange cat snarled. ¨Lilypaw! Don´t be so aggressive. It´s leaffall, this our chance to get warriors back. Be more respectful.¨ This cat must be  their leader. ¨Yes Sunstar. It won´t happen again.¨ The cat promised. ¨It better not.¨ The strong she is defiantly their leader. ¨Excuse me for my misbehaved apprentice. Um, whats your name. Ugh you smell of two-walker kits. I am Sunstar, leader of SunClan.¨ The she mewed. ¨I am Bumble. I have traveled far and wide to find you wild cats.¨ He  tried to sound brave. ¨Pifft. your a two-walker kit. Traveling far and wide. I don´t believe you, but you are welcome to join SunClan. Come on Lilypaw and you too if you want.” She mewed as she padded off with Lilypaw on her tail. As he approached Lilypaw, he tried to buff up his chest; but all he got out of Lilypaw was a big eye roll.  

When they got to the Sun camp all cats stopped what they were doing and stared. ¨Cats of the Sun come beneath the Sun Rock for a Clan meeting!¨ Most cats came except some plump shes. ¨Today there will be an apprentice naming ceremony. Bumble that´s you.¨ She motion him forward with her tail. ¨Bumble do you swear to serve SunClan as a future SunClan warrior?¨ This must be one of those rituals the side cats talk about, I never thought I would experiences one, let alone be in one. Bumble thought. ¨I swear.¨ Bumble promised. ¨Good,¨ the she responded. ¨Then by the power of StarClan, I now declare you known as Duskpaw!¨ She declared. ¨Duskpaw. Duskpaw!¨ His new clanmates chanted. ¨ Just one more thing, Duskpaw.¨ Surprised that Sunstar wanted anything more to do with him, ¨Yes?¨ He nervelessly squeaked. ¨About that collar. Now that you are officially are a clan cat, you exactly can´t have it.¨ Surprised at the comment he turned to face her, and made himself look stronger, (which he did), looked her strait in the eye and meowed, ¨This is my only memory of my sweet Lily that I left behind. I will wear it with pride, not with fear. I will go into battle knowing I will die for her and be reunited with her when I pass.¨ Sunstar was now standing there alone, shocked at what she had just witnessed. She acknowledged the fact he wouldn’t always would stay trued to her clan first. Then she padded to her den without looking back.

¨Hey, Duskpaw. Wait up!¨ Surprised to hear the familiar voice he turned around preparing to get scratched. But to his surprise, he didn’t feel anything. He just could smell the sweet sent of Lilypaw. ¨Hey, I am sorry for how I acted toward you earlier today.¨ Sympathetically he answered her, in a sweet, clam voice. ¨It´s okay. I know how it feels when someone trespasses on your territory.¨ Lilypaw took a deep breath and said, ¨I was wondering, maybe you could sleep in the nest next to me?¨ Duskpaw took this by surprise. Then he smiled. ¨Of course! How could say no.¨ Then the two of them just started to blush and stare at each other. ¨Hey, you two love birds, are you going to come in or not? There´s plenty of room for you two.¨ This was a new cat he had never met before. ¨Shut your mouth, Spritepaw! Or I will rip every hair on your pelt off!¨ Lilypaw threatened. The two finally made it in the apprentices den without being mocked by any other cat. ¨Goodnight Duskpaw.¨ She mewed as she fell asleep. ¨Goodnight Lilypaw.¨ He mewed and then drank in her sweet, comforting sent for the last time that night.

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