Ohai everyone!

OK! I have seen so many contests around and wanted to make one of my own!

Ok, the theme of the contest is Love story Fanfiction writing! I always love a good love story ;)

The amount of Contestents: NO MAX

Deadline: July/25/2013

It is a Fanfic contest so get your typing fingers ready dearies! XP

You must at least have 5 chapters. If they are not complete by the deadline then me and my judges will not JUDGE them.... Prolouges do count, just so you know. So if you have four chapters and a prolouge then that would count xD. But you can't have extremlly short chapters O.K.? 

I need 3 judges, including me. So I guess I only need two other judges XD

Heres the form:

Name of Fanfiction:

Heartbreak or Love story Fanfic:

Your Username:

Danke! So light em up, up, upLight me up, up, upLight em up!Light em up, up, upIts on fire! 





Brighty- Withered Rose

Firey - Glow in the Dark

Ginger - Breaking Everything

Gingerstripe - Starlight, Heartlight

Eevee - Blocked Hearts


1st place- You will get a free pencil drawing from me, it could be anything! Ill scan it into my computer when Im done XD.

2nd place- You will get a digital drawing that says *Second is the Best!*

3rd place- Give me a description to a cat and it will be mentioned in a big series Im planing!

Change in plans. 

Misty and FC did not judge on the judging date so I gave them a second day, but they still didn't preform they're task so I just put up the winning boards.

First Place:

Eevee! With Blocked Hearts!

Second Place:

Firey! With Glow in the Dark!

Third Place:

Ginger! With Starlight, Heartlight!

Congradulations and remember, this was not an easy judging place because everyones stories were amazing! You all did so great and I have high hopes for you all! ~Dawny out!

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