Hi there dearies!! Its meh! Dawn! I have finally decided to put up my series for Dangerous paths. It is going to be a collab with MANY people! I only have 20 slots so hurry and enter in!! You may enter more than once but no more over 4 times

I need 4 apprentices. Two Toms and three she-cats.

I need 8 warriors, genders can vary but you must not have all toms

I need 2 elders, two she-cats

I need 1 deputy

I need 3 queens

And I also need 5 kits

  • This is the way it should look like (Aka your form to fill out)





 YOUR username.

I will message you back if you get in so tata for now my dearies!!!

First slot- DARKY!!!!- Leader slot has been taken out XD

Second slot- Robo!!!! Elder slot # one it gone

Third slot- Lilly!! Deputy slot gone

Forth slot- Red!! Elder # 2 slot gone, 1 kit slot gone

Fith slot- Icy!! Warrior slot #1 gone

Sixth slot- Mist!! Queen slot #1 gone, Apprentice slot #1 gobe, and last elder slot gone.

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