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  • *Wildfire*


    September 23, 2011 by *Wildfire*

    Hey I found this new RP game called FeralHeart, If you want to join go here. Here's some images from the game:

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  • *Wildfire*

    Name vote

    September 20, 2011 by *Wildfire*

    Okay to vote for a name put the cat's number and the name you like you can vote three times. Here are the names:(for decrip. and if you come up with a name go to my older blog) (If the name you thought of isn't on this list it's because I already have a cat with a similar name)

    Cat 1:

    Orangefur, Orangeclaw, Forestfur, Forestclaw, Clawfur, Orangewhisker, Orangepath, Gingerfang, Foxwhisker, Orangestrike, Lionstrike, Orangeheart, Brightfur, Flatface, Gingertoes

    Cat 2:

    Brambleflash, Brightpaw, Gingerpaw, Brambletalon, Brightsun, Sunnypelt, Emberpath, Brambletrail, Foxpaw, Flamepaw, Flamefur, Flamepath

    Cat 1 Votes:







    Cat 2 Votes:







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  • *Wildfire*

    Warrior Name

    September 11, 2011 by *Wildfire*

    I kind of copied this from Bloodstar18 but I got two new cats and I can't think of warrior names, if you think of a name (or a bunch of names) leave a comment on the bottom of the page, and tell me which cat it's for. Here's the info.

    Cat 1:

    Description: Orange longhaired tom with a flat face(Persian).

    Personality: He's calm and likes to play, sleep, and he meows when you enter the room.

    Age: 3 years

    Some names I thought of: Orangefur, Orangeclaw, Forestfur, Forestclaw, Clawfur, Orangewhisker

    Names othe people thought of: Gingerfang, Foxwhisker, Orangestrike, Lionstrike, Orangeleap, Orangeheart, Sunfire, Sunwhisker, Sunpelt, Brightfire, Brightfur, Flatface, Gingertoes

    Cat 2:

    Description: Orange-yellow longhaired tom.(Ragdoll/Maine Coon Mix)

    Personality: I…

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  • *Wildfire*

    Delete Images?

    August 28, 2011 by *Wildfire*

    Hey, I've been trying to reupload some pictures and they aren't working, I think it's because we have too many, so could someone delete some unused ones. And I've noticed that some users are uploading more than 4 a week (or whatever the limit is). Thanks, Wildfire

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  • *Wildfire*


    April 11, 2011 by *Wildfire*

    Please help! I need Charart templates! If you know people or know a wiki that would let me use them that would great I need some!!! Help!Wildfire 21:53, April 11, 2011 (UTC)

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