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    Can I just be tired?
    Without piling on all sad and scared and out of time
    I'm wild
    Can I just be wild?
    Without feeling like I'm failing and I'm losing my mind
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Hi, I'm YellowfangWC, but you can call me Yellow, Sparrow, or something like that. As long as it's ok with me. I absolutely love constructive criticism, or just encouraging words!

I am one of the admins of a newly-made wiki! If you want to have a look, here's the link: [1].

I also do covers. If you want one, then just ask! I would be more than happy to. Down the bottom of my page is a cover that I made.

I have one more thing to say: (this is roughly translated into Latin, so yeah)

Amor est non iniuriam. Ergo superbia non est.

In other words, Love is never wrong. Therefore, Pride is not wrong either.

And while I'm on the topic-

There is more than two genders, people!

Why judge people on the colour of their skin? Just because someone's skin is black (or anything in between), it doesn't mean they're evil.

Rights for Gay marriage are-

Rights for the dark-skinned are-

Right's for gender equality are-


Why are you here?

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My Fanfictions so far:

Echo in the Darkness- This is my first fanfiction, but has been adopted by Moon.

Fallen Faith- My second fanfic, and also not finished! Will write on odd occasions.

Defy the Stars- A collab between Echo, Golden, Night, and ME!! Unfinished!!! Write whenever it's my turn.

Forbidden Fate- An unfinished Collab by Hope and I.

Brokentail's Vow- A What If story where Hopekit and Wishkit survived.

Broken Parts- Just have a look

The Rebellion- unfinished collab by Moon and I

Seven Walls- a collab by Night and I

Invisible Wounds- Sequel to Seven Walls

I actually have plenty more but I can't be bothered to list them.

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Here is the cover I made>>>>>>>

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