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I'm a Medicine Cat!

I just thought this was funny :P

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You hear the sound of coughing. You walk through a small gap. You are now in a cave. The sound of coughing become louder. You walk through the cave. you see a big pool of water. 'Thats for the sick cats' A brown she-cat pads over to you. 'Welcome in my Medicine Cat den' she says. 'We are here to welcome a loner in this Clan as long as he wants to stay. Do you want that?' said a sun-colored tom. 'Yes I want!' you answer. 'Welcome in our Clan!' said the sun-colored tom. 'My name is Sunstar by the way. The brown cat says: 'I'm Wildheart. The medicine cat! I gonna show you the camp.' She takes you to a place with braided brambles. 'This is the nursery! Kits are the importantest things for a Clan".


Wildheart takes you to a cave. 'Here are you sleeping.' she says. Nacht5.jpg

Hey person who look at this page! I'm Wolffur! I'm a brown she-cat with blue eyes.

P.S. My English is not so good.

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Wolffur - Pics for you!
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Hi guys (and girls)! I'm the famous Wolffur! You can call meh Wolffur, Wildheart, Wolfy or Wolfeh. This is meh Talk Bubble! Dunno how to make? Ask meh on meh talk page! Thanks you readed this! Bye! See ya! BTW, line art for my pic is made by Spottedfire.DeviantART.com
Hey person who read this!
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[2] Warriors Wikia

[3] Warriors Role Playing Wiki - Made by myself

My pets


Bob is a 7 year old red and white tabby tom cat with green eyes. He is very grumpy. He likes nothing. The only thing he does is sleeping and eating. Here is a picture of him:



Sjaak is a 11 year old black tom cat with yellow eyes. He is active like a kitten! He bites very much. He LOVES food really! Here is a picture of him:



Gijs is a gray tabby tom with blue eyes. In 2004 he died. He was barely three years old. He had V.I.P. That made him die. The vet exanimated him. He died without suffering. We all grieve for him. R.I.P. Gijs. Here is a picture from him:

Gijs is the kitty at the right.


Special gallery, Bob and Gijs play Hide And Seek

Special gallery, real brotherlove!


Christmas Kitty:P








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