W E L C O M E 

Hi {{{1}}}, I'm Whitefoot, also known as Whitey! I'm ThunderClan,'cuz I was born here! (The other clans are okay, but forest is clearly the best hehe). If you're confused about anything, just ask, and I'll answer them best I can! You can ask my brother Tigerstripe too! (his nickname is Tigereh) here.

About Me=

I live in California, and will try to animate Warrior books and fan fictions, because I think the readers should see what I think Erin is trying to tell us. I have four OCs, and here they are!

Gingerheart- (ginger she-cat with a heart-shaped patch of white fur on her chest,a pink nose,pink paw pads,and sapphire blue eyes), Whitefoot- (black tom with one white paw and ice blue eyes,reincarnation of Scourge), Amberstripe- (amber colored she-cat with rippling amber tabby stripes, emerald eyes), and Tigerstripe- (dark brown tom with dark brown tiger stripes and amber eyes, reincarnation of Tigerstar).

My wiki names are Whitey or Tigereh, or combinations of both or something. My hair is- I really don't know what it is. On the top it's really dark brown, but underneath the top and in the sun it's a beautiful golden brown, and it's wavy. My eyes are brown with green flecks, which I guess you can call hazel. I have three dogs and two cats, and the cats are extremely crazy. LIKE MEEE!! The dogs, not nearly as much. My favorite food is pasta, so give me some and I will love you forever. My favorite animals are dragons, dogs, cats, dragons, raccoons, FOXES WHY HAVEN'T THEY BEEN MENTIONED?! Cats, leopards, lions, clouded leopards, and cute little furry things. WHO DOESN'T LIKE CUTE FURRY THINGS!? SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

I joined this wiki when I seriously wanted to comment on Falcon's story Can't Keep Going. I'd already been stalking the wiki for a good 2 months, so I was sorta experienced. I started to write my first story soon after I joined, and I've just been doing my best. I soon had many besties, and even got an offer for a roleplaying wiki, which I happily accepted. And believe it or not, I'm accutally shy. I don't like having direct attention, but I do like it when people care.

I guess that's all. I hope you like it on my user, and I hope you read my stories! Thanks for checking me out!

Write here if you want an opinion. This means I can be a jerk. No, I won't. Maybe. Mabye not. CAN YOU TRUST THE PERSON WITH TWO DIFFRENT CATS AS HER USERNAME?!?! (Laughs evily)

Stealthpaw broke the world, Whitey. ~ Eevee! You are pretty awesome, and I like your cats. Great person, and fun to roleplay with. One more thing: NUU! I hate broken worlds :p

Firey fixes the world ~ WOO! The world is working again! Firey is an amazing person, and I would give her all the Lays in the world. She is amazing and very good at coding. Thanks for all the help you've given me so far! Have I mentioned that she's amazing?

HOLY CRAP, WHITEY! THERE'S A FLYING UNICORN TACO BEHIND YOU! DUCK!!!!!!!~NUUU!! I DON'T WANNA BE SPEARED WITH A UNICORN HORN!! (Eats taco part of it) YAY!! I'm safe! Anyway, Table (Yeah I'm calling you that XD) is really goofy and nice. I'll be sad when he leaves, and I'm glad we've met and were friends. At first I was scared to talk to him because he was like a celebrity and I was just a new user. But I went on chat with him and I'm glad I did. BEFRIEND TABLE!!! NOW!! Or else... (Gets unicorn horn)

Red~All right. Be all plain and not insane :P. Anyway Reddy is an awesome person! She is very helpful and one of the best people to be friends with (I would say that no matter what her status and position is). She never abuses her admin position, and she is very sweet and kind. All in all, she is is one of the most awesome people in the wiki, and the bestest friends one can ever have. Plus she likes Warriors! WEEEE!

BTR shall maul (not mall, lol hand) you furom behind. And steal your candy. Again. X3 - NUUUU! I wanna keep my candy D:. Anyway, Hope is awesome and crazy. I've gone on chat with her a lot, and it always makes me laugh. She is one of the funniest people I know! BEFRIEND HER OR I'LL MAKE STARPAW MAUL YOU!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

The Sun Goes Down...The Stars Come Up. Remember that, Whitey!<3 - Yes I shall! Considering I stay up until midnight reading always XP. So Sea, I haven't known Sea that long, but from what I can tell she's a pretty cool person! She isn't afraid to ask for help (Unlike me since I am so independent :P)and she is pretty sweet. Juast check out her messages on my talk!

Gathered at our secret base, let's remember that simple time and tell our stories...~ Okay! WANT TO KNOW MY SECRET?! Idk I had to XD. Anyway, I don't know Jet that much, but what I gathered she's a really nice person! She's really funny and eager, and she isn't afraid to back down and apoligize (like I am lol) and she's really awesome and caring. If she's willing, I'll defiantly get to know her more :).


I will write what I can and see how things go. I want to create at least one series on this wiki, and I will correct mistakes best I can. I love this wiki, and I will do what I can to make it even BETTER! My fanfics are:

Second Chances- My first fanfic, but one I'm still working on. I will finish it as soon as I can.

Different, Yet Powerfully The Same- A recent one that I had an idea for months before joining this wiki. I hope you like it!

Tallstar's Revenge Spoof- Lets face it, I love writing spoofs. I try to be as hilarious as I can, so please be supportive in the comments!

Crookedstar's Promise Spoof- I had first thought that someone else had done it, but after finding out it didn't exist, I decided to redo it. I hope you like it!

Bluestar's Prophecy Spoof- A collab I'm doing with Strawberry. Make sure to give both of us support!

A Friend For Us-A story originally by Flutter, but she wasn't on that often so she gave it to me. It's nowhere near done, so please give support on how to make it better!

GrumpClan Rising- I seriously liked this one. It was so funny! Then Silver left and she gave it to me.

Mapleshade- Her Hidden Past- One I rather enjoyed. Then Silverfire decided she wasn't going to finish it, so I stepped up. Yay!

StarClan's Calling- Same thing as the one right above. Yay! I got then both!

Not Breathing- My first large-group fanfic. I'm waiting for my part with Blayde (I like spelling it like that :3) Book, Firey, Vee, and Bright.

Deep To Drown - ANOTHER collab, but this time I made it :P It's with Stormy, Firey, Book, Holly, Brighty and Fasty. I'm working on all of these, and I hope you like them!

Shadows Are Dark Mirrors OfYourself~ My first siggy made by Strawberry. It took a while to get, but when I did get it I really liked it! Thanks Tiger! I wish you were still active :( (Gives cookie and is sad that her one of her first friends left...)

You see what you believe and

you believe what you see~ Just a random (and true and wise) saying I thought of when I was thinking about a new sig. Oh, and something far more important- GRANDIENTS AND MATCHING SIGGIES!!! Sea made this one for me, and she has one just like it, only hers goes from green to white. It's my first graindent, and I LUFFLES it SO MUCH!! :D (Hugs Sea and gives cookie)
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