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"It hurts because it mattered. That was a huge thing for me to realise - there are things in life that hurt, and they hurt because they were important. It’s a real loss, and one that needs to be grieved."
John Green

Ello, Wetty Here

Hey, this is Wetstream. I've been on WFW for around 4 years. I originally joined on WarriorAraheart, but I switched to this account. I am addicted to a webcomic called Homestuck with Nepeta Leijon as my favorite character :33

About Me

-Name: Katherine/Katie, but I recommend Wetty.

-Description: Dirty blonde hair. 5ft and 2in. Freckles. Weird eyes that change from brown-green to cat-eye yellow.

-Fave Shows: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, My Little Pony: FIM, How It's Made,  Avatar: TLA and Avatar : LoK, Merlin, Once Upon a Time. 

-Fave Games: Kingdom Hearts (All of them), Zelda (Windwaker and Twilight Princess), Skyrim, Assasin's Creed (All of them).


  • Dec. 4th 2012: Yo, yo, yo. New set of announcements. Removed all the others it tends to get cluttered. Editing my page and making it 'Nepeta' worthy >:3 
  • April 5th, 2013: 2013 is going by too fast like seriously we're like 4 months into this no



Wetstream Fanart

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