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=='''<span style="color:#8181F7;">Video of the Week</span>'''==
=='''<span style="color:#8181F7;">Video of the Week</span>'''==
=='''<span style="color:#8181F7;">[[File:Graystripe - Terrible Things|full|center|501 px]]</span>'''==
=='''<span style="color:#8181F7;">[[File:Ashfur s Last Resort Warriors AMV) - maycie1 (Original got removed)|full|right|500 px]]</span>'''==

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Hello! I'm Katie, but on the wikia I go by Wetstream/Wetty. I was originally on here on my WarriorAraheart account, which I shared. I ended up leaving that account and re-joining as Wetstream. I'm currently an admin on this wikia, so if you have any questions feel free to leave them on my talk page.

About Me

Name: Katherine/Katie
Description: Dirty blonde, curly hair. Freckles. Hazel-green eyes.
Likes: Homestuck, Nepeta Leijon, Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlock, Warriors, Kitties, Cold Weather.
Dislikes: Heights, Darkness, Summer, Hot Showers, MTV.


Video of the Week

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