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<div style="position: fixed; bottom: 0px; right: 390px; padding:">[[File:yesnepeta.gif|Nepeta Leijon|center]]
User:Wetstream/About|About Me
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User:Wetstream/My Fanfictions|My Fanfictions
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{| align="center" style="border: 2.5px #FF0000; background-color:#FF0000; padding:1px; width:90%;"
|<center><font color="#FFFFFF">'''VACATION'''</font></center>
| <center><font color="#FFFFFF"> I am going to Florida for two weeks. I will be on vacation from July 11th to July 26th-27th. Please refer to my [[User blog:Wetstream/Get Your Acts Together|blog]] for more information.
Thanks! </font></center>
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<p style="text-align:center;"><span style="font-size:72px;letter-spacing:-8px;line-height:normal;">'''[[File:Finegirl.png|center]]'''</span></p>
<p style="text-align:center;">'''[[User:Wetstream/My Fanfictions|<span style="color: #8181F7;">Fan Fictions</span>]] | [[User:Wetstream/Siggies|<span style="color: #8181F7;">Signatures</span>]] | [[User:Wetstream/Opinions On Users|<span style="color: #8181F7;">Opinions on Users</span>]] | [[User:Wetstream/My Den|<span style="color: #8181F7;">My Den</span>]]'''</p>
=='''<span style="color:#8181F7;">Hello!</span>'''==
<div style="text-align: margin: 0 10%; padding-bottom: 20px;">
: <span style="color:White;">Hello! I'm Katie, but on the wikia I go by Wetstream/Wetty. I was originally on here on my WarriorAraheart account, which I shared. I ended up leaving that account and re-joining as Wetstream. I'm currently an admin on this wikia, so if you have any questions feel free to leave them on my talk page.</span>
=='''<span style="color:#8181F7;">About Me</span>'''==
<div style="text-align: margin: 0 10%; padding-bottom: 20px;">
: <span style="color:White;">'''Name: '''Katherine/Katie </span>
: <span style="color:White;">'''Description:''' Dirty blonde, curly hair. Freckles. Hazel-green eyes.</span>
: <span style="color:White;">'''Likes: '''Homestuck, Nepeta Leijon, Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlock, Warriors, Kitties, Cold Weather.</span>
: <span style="color:White;">'''Dislikes:''' Heights, Darkness, Summer, Hot Showers, MTV.</span>
=='''<span style="color:#8181F7;">Fanart</span>'''==
'''<span style="color:#8181F7;"><gallery type="slideshow" widths="500" position="center">
Re3.png|By Bracken-
Cat Wetstream.png|By RedPandaPotter
WetstreamGift.jpg|By Violetfen4
Wetstream.png|By Oakstar
Wetstream (wetty.png|By Poppyshadow
WetStream.PNG|By Leafwhisker
Wetstream .png|By Mistybrook
Lilacsnow.jpg|Lilacsnow by Silverstourm
=='''<span style="color:#8181F7;">Video of the Week</span>'''==
'''<span style="color:#8181F7;">[[File:Ugly Story - An Eridan Ampora Fansong by PhemieC Lyrics|full|center|500 px]]</span>'''

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