Hi everyone! I'm guessing you're here to look at by noobish sigs, so here they are! The ones at the top are the oldest.


Without death, there is no life. - Oh, wasn't I adorable back then... I didn't know how to add links...

Without death, there is no life. - YAY I LEARNT HOW TO ADD A LINK IN

Without death, there is no life. - *gasps* It's not in blue anymore!

Without death there is no life - I'm getting better here, I've managed to add a font... but still, WOW, I sucked at coding. Well, I still do, but...

Without death there is no life - Please ignore the noobishness. But at least it's got text lowering and raising, right? And is... different to my old one.

Never be ashamed of who you are. - I CHANGED MY SIG! *sighs with relief*

Never be ashamed of who you are - Does this even count as changing? Eh


I may look like a potato now, but one day I'll turn into french fries, and you'll want me then. - Yeah, I know, it's bad. I don't care.


the darkest nights produce the brightest stars - I really really love this! Thanks so much Holly, I really love this! It was my first sig before I started coding my own, and I really appreciate the effort you put into it!


Only two so far... I hope that changes. If you want me to make you one, please leave a message on my wall!

Oh, should my people fall

Then surely I’ll do the same

Confined in mountain halls

We got too close to the flame- Made for Star, but not the best, I'll admit.

once you choose hope anything is possible

- Made for Hope, although the full coding is not mine, as I based it off User:Hollywhisker's sig for me, which you can see above.

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