aka clem, destroyer of worlds

  • I live in hell
  • I was born on June 25
  • My occupation is getting my sexy right
  • I am still mad that the yosuke route was scrapped


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welcome to cleverstar's den. please, take a seat, and allow me to fetch you something to eat.

my fanfiction ideas!

"if you pronounced thursday like thaursday... that'd be kinda funny..."

hey, i'm clem.

i love drawing, writing, and crying over anime characters. i enjoy math and playing video games, and occasionally those two concurrently (eyes zero escape). i'm also a Large Fan of languages, i've studied french for like 6 years and i'm learning german.

i'm canadian! and i like to make jokes about not being straight. my favourite pieces of media (lol) are danganronpa, ace attorney, persona, boku no hero academia, and haikyuu!!

more about me, but like, in bullet point form, so it's easier to read

-name: i'm clem.... to y'all
-grade: ten
-favourite video game: danganronpa
-favourite food: w a t e r m e l o n
-favourite book: simon vs the homo sapiens agenda by becky albertalli
-quote of the day: "if all you do is look down on people, you won't be able to recognize your own weaknesses." -bakugou katsuki
-things of interest: scented candles, journals, glass jars
-passtimes: drawing, writing, watching youtube, playing video games, walking aimlessly like an npc
-what's on my mind?: i can't get two trucks by lemon demon out of my head

yamaguchi tadashi deserves the world

cleverpelt: brown tabby she-cat with white paws and tail tip, underbelly, and ears. she has bright blue eyes and wears an ascot.

cleverfeather otp for life

sky where the birds soar: tribe cat. white & black tuxedo cat (white pelt with black accents) and glowing yellow eyes.

magpiedance: fluffy black and white she-cat with bright green eyes and long legs.

runningfrost: grey and white mottled she-cat with icy blue eyes.

what's the best ship

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My Dirty Little Secret: Brindlepaw and Brownpaw are about to become warriors, and they have the whole world laid out in front of them. They couldn't be more excited... Until the Clan's medicine cat shows up, killed, and Brindlefrost forces herself onto a path she'll have to walk without her best friend. Full fanfiction (10,000 words+). IN PROGRESS

Time: Amberpaw is a conceited apprentice who doesn't want to improve his skills, and thinks that all of his training is pointless- he's perfected everything, so why is he forced to practice with the younger apprentices? But then he and Maplepaw get close, and he realizes that time has been his enemy the whole time. Short story/side project. COMPLETED

Heart of Diamonds: Mistake is a young kitten living with his father, but something is off... Mistake is able to visualize scenarios in his head and see things he shouldn't be able to. When the cats of the Alliance catch wind of his power, they figure that he may be the Prophet they've been searching for for years. IN PROGRESS.

Everything Was Blue: A self-assured, rowdy apprentice and one who is calm, smart, and composed. Quailpaw has never liked his denmate Bluepaw- he's too uptight and never wants to have fun. But as Quailpaw discovers Bluepaw's secret, his perfect persona begins to fade. Is it really true that opposites attract? Short story. IN PROGRESS.

favourite cat: cinderpelt
least favourite cat: ashfur
favourite clan: shadowclan or riverclan
favourite leader: bluestar
favourite villain: tigerstar
favourite super edition: bluestar's prophecy or tallstar's revenge
favourite ship: talljake
least favourite se: skyclan's destiny
favourite book: long shadows, starlight, and shattered sky
least favourite book: midnight or moonrise
favourite arc: the child in me says omen of the stars. i just like it, okay?

thistleclaw's arc was... weird. i choose to believe spottedleaf's heart didn't happen

ashfur should be in the dark forest because he tried to murder five cats. literally. he freakin tried to kill his own leader. he tried to kill three innocent kids. he tried to kill his ex. i. hate. ashfur.

tadpole's death is the saddest thing i've ever read. also when bluefur had to tell whitekit that snowfur wasn't coming back.

ivypool should've been made deputy!

the last book i read was shattered sky but dove/tiger makes me not want to read anymore lol


i hope ashfur rots in the dark forest

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