don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

hey all. recently I had reason to return to this old haunt (nothing bad, don't worry, none of you are in trouble), and the wave of nostalgia I got was incredible. I felt sadness, happiness, and this overwhelming homesickness. like I was returning from the war, but the war is reality, and, like, high school. I glanced upon the user pages of my friends from back in my youth, and felt as if I was looking into a time capsule. I had come here to prove a point to my friend, not be taken aback by the memories this little website held. I also noticed how I haven't edited this page in two years, and it doesn't reflect well on me nowadays. but it doesn't seem entirely right to just revamp it, put up a new pair of pronouns and some new opinions, and leave it like that. because, well, I'm not coming back.

I've grown up, I've grown out of warriors. I don't have the same interest in it that I once did. the last main series book I read was shattered sky, and although I really enjoyed that one, the first two really weren't to my taste. I have different interests now than I did when I edited here, found different things to write and draw about, new things to throw myself into with reckless abandon. that doesn't mean I regret my time here, nor is warriors any less special in my heart. just not as special as it once was. I mean, I'm in my last year of high school, now, and I was but a child during my time here. I have a job now. things are so much different. but my hatred of ashfur is ever eternal (winks with both eyes).

I never stopped writing, though, thank the heavens. and I never stopped writing fanfiction. (always be pluggin.)

to everyone whom I met here, every friend, every person who commented on my fics, everyone I talked to on wiki chats when I should have been doing homework, or been asleep, everyone who helped me out with wiki problems or coding, thank you. you've all become a piece of my soul, and anyone who happens to be reading this -- whether it be a person i knew way back when or a new user who's wondering who the heck I am (no one too important) and what the point of this edit is -- keep it classy, and keep doing what you love.

I merely wanted to give closure to a website that was such a part of me. you're all wonderful.

❤ clem

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