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  • I live in the great Ol' U.S of A!
  • I was born on January 4
  • My occupation is A 10th grader
  • I am a guy who loves to play games, act, and write anything from fantasy to scifi!

As of 11/09, The Twoleg Prophecy is on the top five of the Editor's Pick list! Thank you all!

As of 7/10, The Twoleg Prophecy is on the top three of the Most Visited list! Thank you to all who read it!

Whoo!!! This is my 1,410th edit right here!

Hi! I'm WarriorcatZ1324! I started reading Warriors when I was in 6th Grade, and I came up with ideas That involve Twolegs interacting with the clans (in other ways than destroying their camps!) and came up with a story that involves them having a prophecy to themselves! I am entering in book segments called The Twoleg Prophecy on this site every so often. The idea was in the original series, but it evolved. I like The pairings Jay/Cinder, Lion/Ice, Leaf/Crow, Bramble/Squirrel. I am also on and Warriors Wish Fanfiction as WarriorcatZ1324 as well. I am also on Wands and Worlds as Braveheart42.

Come here for a growing list of my Fan Fictions.

  • Me!

Name: David

Age: Teen

Location: The good ol' U.S. of A!

Religion: Christian


ChEcK HeRe oFtEn fOr mEh AnNoUnCeMeNtS!

  • 5/7/10: Do do do... Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to be putting updates here... ^^;

Well, I am babysitting the quads. Fun! Also just finished my Sea-salt Ice cream that I made, awesomely amazing! =D That's it really!

  • 5/11/10: Hey, peeps! I have set up a Flipnote Hatena account for a upcoming manga series... Can you guess what it is? Check my Creator's Room to find out! (I go under the name of Braveheart on the site)
  • 5/24/10: Last night was the series finale of LOST, the greatest show on TV. -sniffle- I'll miss that show...

Anyways, thanks to LOST, I know how to end The Twoleg Prophecy now. Thank Heaven! =D I am writing The End of it now!

  • 6/18/10: Ugh, I hate this 500 WORD ESSAY on kittens my teacher assigned me. Ha! JK! XD TTP Pt. Three Is almost finished. Be prepared... >=)
  • 7/14/10: Well, The Twoleg Prophecy Pt. Three has been finished, and I am writing Pt. Four now. Pt. Four has been titled "The Last Moon and The Final Battle". Get ready for pure action, brand new characters, new songs, and a climatic end to TTP. Don't miss The Twoleg Prophecy 2, the first chapter of it coming up right after the epilogue of TTP. (P.S. I finished Portal! Yay!)
  • 7/16/10: Later today on the IRC I became the leader of Windclan, as part of a project on the wiki. Cool right? (EDIT: After a redo, I was announced as leader of Shadowclan. Still pretty cool! Though I hope no one thinks I'm as crafty and evil as our reputation suggests we are... >=] )
  • 8/6/10: GUESS WHO MADE WAFFLES!!! LOL JK! The Twoleg Prophecy Pt. 4 has begun... The End is just The Beginning... (P.S. GIR made waffles... XD)
  • 9/2/10: TTP Pt. Four is coming along great, and I have had time to chill out before I start school on the 7th. The day before that, I WILL BE WATCHING REGULAR SHOW. IT'S ANYTHING BUT. XDDDDDDD
  • 9/12/10: Halo: Reach comes out in two more days... If you don't know already I'm a HUGE fan! XD I might not be on for a while because I will be playing that this weekend... =( Though I will be on during the week. =)
  • 10/11/10: Changing my user page to fit the new Wikia look. I hate it as much as you all do, but it's useless to oppose it. =P "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." =D

(P.S. My Sister's Protector's plot is currently in progress. This is one of my darkest stories ever. Maybe more dark than TTP. =O)

  • 2/5/11: *Laughs* I haven't posted here for awhile... Well, TTP is going great, and I posted a new Blog... February is spelled wrong... Sorry about that. *Laughs*
  • 5/3/11:I'm finally finishing up The Twoleg Prophecy. I'd appriciate to hear from you about these new chapters, and the ones I've just posted. I'm assuming you guys aren't reading it right now. Have you even seen my new blog?! :(
  • 5/9/11: Early Release protocol for [REDACTED] starts 5/14/11. B3 PR3P4R3D. Will require <<ARTICLE>> The Twoleg Prophecy <<//ARTICLE>> to be fully complete. PLEASE KEEP UPDATED, as the effects of <<ARTICLE>> INCOMPLETENESS will cause [REDACTED] to launch LATE.
  • 6/7/11: I'm currently getting ready to go to Michigan! :) This'll be fun! I haven't gone on a road trip in forever!

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Sci-Fi Fanfiction Wikia

Me, Forestpaw13 and Leafwhisker are the only users, so if you have an idea that qualifies as sci-fi, come here! (Please! :( )

Bastion Wikia

A Wikia for a new game called Bastion that was released by Sugergiant Games. It is my first Information Wikia. I see myself contributing alot there.

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"Maturing is inevitable.

Growing up is optional."

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Definately Go. It's really fun, check it out!

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