• I live in Florida (USA)
  • I was born on October 3
  • My occupation is Wiki editor--also having no life
  • I am Female

Hi, I'm Warriorcat1195, and I love writing Warriors fanfics! I enjoy expressing my creativity, and it's always interesting to read others' fanfics. The main things I love in life are cats, Disney, and Warriors. Cats I've loved all my life, since I've never gone a single day without owning one. It's very impressive how our cats have overlapped. I've also loved Disney all my life, since my dad was a DVC member and we went once or twice a year. That's actually where my very first memory is. Disney World! I'm sorta a geek-by-birth. Warriors is a new thing. I got into it a year ago, and I've read a lot since then! I've really gotten addicted to Warriors. in really teh first week I read it! I wasn't that addicted realy until I was halfway through The New Prophecy arc, and then I realized "This is the series for me." I've leraned a lot about the Warriors world and the characters, and Warriors Wiki was actually the first wiki I ever joined.


  1. Blue
  2. Green
  • Scarlet
  1. Purple


  • Frozen
  • Star Wars
  • Harry Potter
  • Big Hero 6
  • The Lion King
  • The Phantom of the Opera

Book Series

  • Warriors
  • Harry Potter
  • Kingdom Keepers
  • A-Z Mysterious
  • Familiars

TV Shows

  • Dog With a Blog
  • The Lion Guard
  • Good Luck Charlie
  • Austin and Ally
  • Studio C
  • Phineas and Ferb
  • Lab Rats
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  • Mighty Med
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Theme Parks

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My favorite animal is a cat, and I currently own two. I've owned four in my lifetime, though.


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  • Anything Marvel

TV Shows

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  • Anything Marvel


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  • Many, many, many, other things...

Theme Parks

  • Universal


  • Reptiles, with the exception of turtles
  • Sharks
  • Insects, with the exceptino of butterflies
  • I don't really care for the dog species that much, but puppies are at least cute. Tame ones are fun to play with--and hard to play with at the same time. This is why cats are so much better.

On the Warriors Wiki

I've edited a few pages, mainly talk pages, and I have my own blog--Terrible Parents. Cats could be better at raising kids...

was part of a charart project, and I made it to the apprentice rank, with Stealth as a mentor, just like on WFFA, but I got blocked, so I was removed from the charart project. I'll be back as soon as the block's been lifted, though.

On the Warriors Fanfiction Wiki

I started a series called Big Sister: ThunderClan, which is just a knock-off of Tanglefrost's Big Brother (and yes I asked permission first), but I didn't even get through the first episdoe. I've basically already given up on it. I'M SORRY FANS! PLEASE FORGIVE ME! :'O

I also have other fanfictions, listed on my WFW profile page, with more being written and will be posted soon.

On the Warriors Fan-Fiction Area Wikia

This is a wiki that I actually created myself. I've made most of the pages, and edited next to tall of them. It's still new and needs people, so I'd be glad to welcome anyone who wants to join. It's literally the Warriors Wiki, but for fanfiction instead of canon things.

On the Warriors Answers Wiki

I've gone through and answered most every unanswered question there is, and I'll keep going. It's nice to be tested on my Warriors knowledge.

On the Disney Wiki

I've made one comment.

On the Familiars Wiki

I've made two comments

On the Wikia Community Central

I've made two comments and asked for help a few times.

"You don't just care about the wound, you must care about the cat. He said that's why StarClan chose you. Because you always knew that better than anyone."

--Acorn Fur to Moth Flight (Moth Flight's Vision, page 331)

"Loyalty is what matters, and that exists now, not in the past. Loyalty has to be proved every day, in every piece of fresh-kill brought back for the Clan, every claw mark on our enemies, every patrol, ever training session."


"Fire will save the Clan... you never understood, did you? Not even when I gave you your apprentice name, Firepaw. And I doubted it myself, when fire raged through our camp. Yet I see the truth now. Fireheart, you are the fire who will save ThunderClan. You will be a great leader. One of the greatest the forest has ever known. You will have the warmth of fire to protect your Clan and the fierceness of fire to defend it. You will be Firestar, the light of ThunderClan."

--Bluester explaining the prophecy she received from Spottedleaf to Fireheart (A Dangerous Path, page 311)

"I love you, Sandstorm. You'll never be second-best for me. My love belongs here and now, in the life we share-and it will last for all moons to come, I promise."

--Firestar to Sandstorm (Firestar's Quest, pages 401-402)

Graystripe: "So you didn't wait for me."

Firestar: "I couldn't."

Graystripe: "You could not risk the Clan by keeping them in the forest."

Firestar: "If it had only been mylife at stake, I would have waited."

--Graystripe's return (The Sight, page 144)

"I understand. But I miss you." --Mosskit to Bluefur during her leader ceremony

  • Bluestar's leader ceremony
    • I like leader ceremonies in general, but this one was special, and more touching.
  • Firestar's death
    • I like parts where I feel sympathetic for the main character. You don't get that in too many books. I was actually tearing up for this part (that's rare for me)
  • Tigerstar's death
    • THE ENEMY IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  • The Great Battle
  • When Crowfeather told Leafpool that he didn't regret anything
    • I thought Crowfeather truly hated Leafpool after she had his kits
  • When Crowfeather started screaming at Breezepelt
    • No one likes Breezepelt :D
  • When Graystripe came back
    • I thought he was dead!

Book Title Copy I read it on Where I got it
Into the Wild eBook local eBook library
Fire and Ice paperback borrowed from a friend from church
Forest of Secrets hardcover borrowed from school library
Rising Storm hardcover borrowed from school library
A Dangerous Path paperback borrowed from a friend from church
The Darkest Hour paperback borrowed from a friend from church
Midnight paperback borrowed from a friend from church
Moonrise eBook online eBook library
Dawn eBook online eBook library
Starlight paperback borrowed from a friend from church
Twilight paperback borrowed from a friend from church
Sunset eBook online eBook library
The Sight eBook online eBook library
Dark River eBook online eBook library
Outcast hardcover borrowed from a friend from church
Eclipse hardcover borrowed from a friend from church
Long Shadows hardcover borrowed from a friend from church
Sunrise hardcover borrowed from a friend from church
The Fourth Apprentice eBook NOOK store
Fading Echoes eBook NOOK store
Night Whispers eBook NOOK store
Sign of the Moon eBook NOOK store
The Forgotten Warrior eBook NOOK store
The Last Hope eBook NOOK store
Firestar's Quest hardcover borrowed from a friend from church
Bluestar's Prophecy hardcover borrowed from a friend from church
Crookedstar's Promise eBook NOOK store
Tallstar's Revenge paperback borrowed from a friend from school
Yellowfang's Secret eBook NOOK store
SkyClan's Destiny eBook NOOK store
Bramblestar's Storm eBook NOOK store
Moth Flight's Vision eBook NOOK store
The Sun Trail eBook NOOK store
Thunder Rising eBook NOOK store
The First Battle eBook NOOK store
The Blazing Star eBook NOOK store
A Forest Divided eBook NOOK store
Path of Stars eBook NOOK store
Tales From the Clans paperback borrowed from a friend from school
Shadows of the Clans paperback borrowed from a friend from school
Mistystar's Omen eBook NOOK store
Hollyleaf's Story eBook NOOK store
Cloudstar's Journey eBook NOOK store
Enter the Clans paperback borrowed from a friend from school
Battles of the Clans eBook NOOK store
The Apprentice's Quest hardcover given by a friend from school
The Lost Warrior paperback borrowed from a friend from school
Warrior's Refuge paperback borrowed from a friend from school
Warrior's Return paperback borrowed from a friend from school
The Ultimate Guide hardcover ordered from Amazon




I'm young, a preteen. My birthday falls on day 3 of mid-leaf-fall.

Where I live

Florida, United States


I am Mormon. It's a sub-religion of Christian is how I describe it. We believe in the 13 Articles of Faith.


Eye Color

I don't know anymore. I know they're hazel but every time I look in the mirror it seems to be a different shade. I'll let you know when the color decides to stop changing every other week :/

Hair Color

I have dirty-blond hair color.


I'm a native speaker of English. I know a fair amount of Spanish, a few select words in French (hello, candlestick, beauty, and that's life), and I've gotten very good at Pig Latin. I am not an expert, and I have trouble understanding it, but I can read and speak it pretty well, on a scale of 1-5 at Pig Latin I'm a 4. I am very sarcastic, when it comes to "Internet Slang" I am very terrible, but will use emoticons and "lol", and Lazy English, yeah, no! I'll make a typo every now and then, but I'm not going to destroy the English language! That's for losers!

Favorite Warriors Series

My favorite Warriors arcs are Omen of the Stars and Super Editions.


A Merged World Arc

TV Series

Big Sister: ThunderClan


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