Brief Introduction/Appearance

Hi, I'm Wafflez44! I have a ton of complicated nicknames I created for myself, so just call me WAFFA.

I'm a huge writing, and consider myself an all around artist, as I work with music, martial arts, and video games (Yes, they are an art.).

I also like anime and card games, but I don't really act like much of a nerd.

As for my appearance, I have messy, dark brown hair with some natural auburn by the hairline, greenish-blue eyes and a height of about 5'9 and a half (Though I may be taller.).

Serious stories I've written (Or more accurately, typed.)

Clawstrike's Destiny: The adventure of the first great hero of the clans!

Lunaar Saga: A cat from a ruthless clan has to cope with powers, tyrants, and the worst of all... She-cats!

Immigrant Series: A cat from Japan boards a ship to find his owners, who are moving to Europe, and gets more than he bargained for!

Attackers: Three cats with elemental powers have to stop a radical group of equally powerful cats from taking over the world.

Silver River Saga: Cats and demons have an Earth churning war! (Deleted)

Warriors Future Shock: HopeClan's Uprising: After all of the clans are taken over by rogues, a she-cat and others try to rebel against them. (Up for adoption.)

Project Saturn: After a nuclear war between humans, cats try to stay alive and salvage rations in a dystopian future. (Deleted)

Bailey: The Ex-Warrior: Based on a real story about my cat, a kit named Bailey is saved from freezing to death by a family during the winter.

Parodies and comedies I have written/typed:

Warriors Insanity Hour!: A mysterious Jayfeather, a sadistic Firestar, and a generally inept group of four clans do things cats were never meant to!

Warriors Can Do Stuff Too!: Jealous of human capabilities, Firestar makes a talent show about how epic cats are!

Warriors Feud: Warrior cats with a bad history argue about who is at fault on a cat-only gameshow!

Feline Kombat: Parodying Mortal Kombat, a group of cat try to save Thunderrealm from evil, if not misguided, otherworldly demon cats.

Musical Stuff:

Don't Stay (Songfic): After his mate betrays him, a generally nice cat goes on a berzerk rampage.

Warriors Song: A STUPID, HORRIBLE SONG I WROTE AT 11:00 PM, WHICH DIDN'T EVEN RHYME HALF OF THE TIME! But hey, that rhymed! (Deleted, thankfully)

Warriors Rap Battles: Exactly what it sounds like. Cats who want to blow off some steam on each other drop some ill lines on a set stage!

ThunderClan: A Parody of Dynamite: Making fun of Taio Cruz's once popular song, this song parody talks all about the best clan ever! No, not WaffleClan.

Non-Warriors stories I have written:

Dangerous Nights: In 1329 England, an average man leads a war between angels and demons.

Life of a Teenage Zombie: Robert E. Blud the 3rd wants to impress his family, beat up the jocks, and live regular teenage life... except he's a zombie that lives in an undead town!

Olive: A green cat with a red dot on his forhead has epic adventures in a cat-only world. Also a show.


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