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About me

Hello! I am Timberdash, but please call me Timber. I like poetry, fairy tales, and fables. Don’t ask why. I just do.

I consider myself as a pretty nice person, although I’m pretty ambishous and getter heated really quickly. If you need my help with anything, I will gladly help you!

My stories



None yet!




I most likely not want to do this since it would be my opinion on how to write fanfics.



Favorite Warrior cats

5:Hawkfrost - How can you not love the cat who got killed by a stick and who admitted that he had demons inside his head

4:Onewhisker: Not Onestar! I dunno, I just really liked Onewhisker

3:Whitestorm - He was nice and a all around good cat.

2:Tigerstar2 - I thought he was so stupid it was funny

1:Goosefeather - I just like Goosefeather

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