Okay as you can see I love Tigerstar!!!!!!!!!! If I were a she-cat I would mate him but I'm not and I can't wahhhhhhhhhh!

These are my all time favorite cats from warriors: Tigerstar Hawkfrost Tawnypelt Brambleclaw Squirrelflight Hollyleaf Crowfeather Willowshine Mudclaw Onestar Ashfoot Bluestar Darkstripe Yellowfang Spottedleaf Cinderpelt Leafpool and Mothwing.

Man that is a lot

Here is story about these cats:

What happened beyond Starclan:



Main leaders:

Tallstar: tom,former Windclan leader

Raggedstar: tom,former Shadowclan leader

Crookedstar: tom,former Riverclan leader

Sunstar: tom, former Thunderclan leader

Windstar: she-cat,former Windclan leader

Shadowstar: she-cat,former Shadowclan leader

Birchstar: she-cat,former Riverclan leader

Redstar: tom,former Thunderclan leader

Main deputies:

Deadfoot: tom,former Windclan deputy

Cinderfur: tom,former Shadowclan deputy

Oakheart: tom,former Riverclan deputy

Redtail: tom,former Thunderclan deputy

Reedfeather: tom,former Windclan deputy

Foxheart: she-cat,former Shadowclan deputy

Seedpelt: she-cat,former Thunderclan deputy

Cats stuck beyond:

Darkstripe: tom,former Shadowclan warrior

Mudclaw: tom,former Windclan deputy

Hollyleaf: she-cat,former Thunderclan warrior

Hawkfrost: tom,former Riverclan deputy

Yellowfang: she-cat,former Thunderclan medicine cat

Spottedleaf: she-cat,former Thunderclan medicine cat

Cinderpelt: she-cat,former Thunderclan medicine cat

Tigerstar: tom,former Shadowclan leader

Bluestar: she-cat,former Thunderclan leader


Foxheart Pov/

Foxheart padded out of the den ready to go hunting. She was about to leave when she spotted Seedpelt, Redtail, and Oakheart about to go on a hunting patrol. She ran over to them and hiss "may I come too"? "Of course". It was Redtail who replied. Foxheart dipped her head and padded after Seedpelt, Redtail, and Oakheart.

Seedpelt Pov/

Seedpelt padded next to Redtail her new mate. Her old one had died as an apprentice so now she was mates with Redtail. Their age worked out perfectly they died when they were about the same age. And they were both deputies of Thunderclan. Seedpelt walked next to Redtail their fur brushing each other she could only wish that they were were not in Starclan then they could have kits.

Redtail Pov/

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