Hi everyone! I am Tigerstar13 and I am honored to be here with so many awesome writers. I am also the founder of the MarshClan Wiki, which I'm still building.-Tigerstar13


Name: Tiger Star(not really)

Age: an age

Gender: female

Lives at: A place in USA

Likes: cats, animals, waffles XD, anime, manga, Ipod Touch, Warriors, Smosh, other stuff

Dislikes: the color pink, country music, girly things(I am female), and that's pretty much it

Random Fact About Me: I got my cat Blue on the same day that I got my wikia account.

Stories I Wrote

Short Stories:

Cinnamon's Randomness(The first story I wrote that I actually liked. XD)

Firestar and his Family go to Disneyland

Cinnamon Interviews: An Interview with Firestar

Cinnamon Interviews: An Interview with Scourge

Born a Killer (My first story I ever posted on the wiki, and it sucked XD)

Cinnamon Enters ThunderClan

Cinnamon Teaches the Clans About...Thanksgiving (My first holiday special)

Cinnamon Teaches the Clans About...Christmas(My second holiday special, sort of a sequal to my other holiday special)

Friendz List

Sign it if you'd like.

Iz your friend I'm Not Here For Your Entertainment I Was Fine Before You Walked Into My Life 00:14, December 16, 2011 (UTC)

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