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Warriors Fanfiction

A Quick Greeting

Hello, my fellow Warriors Fanfiction writers/readers/whatever else you can do on this wiki-ers! Thanks for being such awesome people and taking the time to visit my profile! This is just a quick greeting, if you want fo find out more about me, click these links here (please note that I've redone my profile, so these pages may or may not be under construction!):

About- pretty self-explanatory. Here you can be the biggest stalker in the universe. On this page, you can also learn a bit more about the craziness that is me, Tanglefrost!

Fanfictions- here, you can find a list of all fanfictions, spoofs, collabs, etc. that I've done over the course of my time on the Wiki. It's also a great place to find new fanfictions of mine if you like my others.

Opinions- this is the page that you can sign if it is your wish for me to write an opinion on you. If you sign your name here, you are agreeing that I can write incredibly nasty things about you and you aren't allowed to kill me for it..  just kidding! xD I'm a lovely user. I won't be mean to you... Or will I? No, I won't. Or WILL I? HA HA HA HA!

Reading List- this is the place to go if you'd like me to read one of your stories! I promise I will read the entire thing and leave a detailed comment on each one!

Tangle's WWTBAM Game: Want to play a game of WWTBAM? Click here!