Please place the stories/spoofs you have written that you would like me to read! Please provide a link to the fanfiction/spoof and also who it is by. Thank you!

Reading List

Breezepelt's Fury-By me:Luna!

Changlings: Split stars- Another by Luna (me)

Windclan cats spoof - by Hawkfrost

Dead and Gone - by Stormy

A New Dawn: Blood River by HIMG (NB: this is quite long so if you fancy something shorter then read The Tree)

Glow in the Dark by Firey

Pine Frost (if you didn't finish yet) by Firey

Feathers & Fur - by Jay and Flamey

Can't Keep Going- by Falcon :)

FlightClan (Not done yet!) - by Tiger - By Wandereringsoul (Your biggest fan :D)

Glowing Embers - By Stormy (a new user) I just started this but I'd love you to read it so far!

Into the Forest--Warriorcat1195 I'm a big fan of your work (by that I mean Big Brother; I haven't read the rest), and I hope that you'd read the rest of the series. 

Fallen Faith- By Yellowfang WC 

Echo in the Darkness- Yellowfang WC 

Forbidden Fate- Yellowfang WC and Hopefur09 

Defy the Stars- By Yellowfang WC, Night, Echo and Golden! 

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