TV Shows

Big Brother: ThunderClan (completed- 14 episodes)

Big Brother: ThunderClan Season 2 (completed- 14 episodes)

Big Brother: ThunderClan Season 3 (in progress)


Firestar's Quest Spoof (in progress- about halfway done. Similar writing style to Big Brother: ThunderClan)

Tanglefrost and His Many Mates: A Spoof of Love, Hatred, and Stalkers (in progress- just started. This, unlike all previous spoofs, is in narrative form).

Serious Fanfictions- Series

The Clan Savior

The Love Triange Series

The Alternate Endings Series

The Ghost Series

Serious Fanfictions- Stand Alones

Honeyfern's Rise (completed)

Inside The Mind (in progress- 25%-ish done)

Thistleclaw's Death (completed)


When Loves Collide- Tanglefrost & Jetfeather (in progress)

Experimental Dangers- Tanglefrost & Jetfeather (in progress)

A Heart of Ice- Tanglefrost & Loudclaw (in progres)

Fanfictions I Used To Own/Collaborate On

My Kitchen Rules: ThunderClan

Locating Insanity

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