About Tanglefrost!  

Hmm, well, where to start? Oh, here we go!

I'M A MALE! I'm not a female, but A MALE! (Just for those who don't know)

I mainly write spoofs, but I can write a serious fanfiction as well. I seem to be more famous for spoofs, though. :P

A Bit About The Real Me

Well, I'm really interested in creative writing in general. I write fanfictions, but I'm about to start a novel too. Hopefully that doesn't turn out too bad!

I love the Warriors series, but I love cats in general, I own 3 Burmese, who I love to death, named Dixie (Cloudfeather), Misty (Ashpelt) and Coco (Browntail). 

I'm also really in to reading and watching TV, my favourite genre being horror. I'm a real fan of the author Stephen King, a horror writer from the 70's (I think), and my favourite TV Shows are American Horror Story and Criminal Minds. 

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