aka Talon

  • I live in In a Box
  • My occupation is Singing "This is War" in a British accent
  • I am ONE DIRECTION!:D Jk just a BIG fan

Hey People of WFW! I am Talon you can call me that, Talonheart,or BRITISH SLAPPING GLOVES!!My charactor is Talonheart a white she-cat with brown tabby stripes and a distinctive brown heart on her chest.She also has green eyes.

If you have heard of NightshimmerXD she is the one that influenced me to join this awesome wikia.

My Favorite Books: Warriors(DUH!!!),Wolves of the Beyond(THERE WILLL BE A SIXTH ONE!),The Uglies,The Hunger Games (TEAM GALE),and er.... the Dictionary?

My Favorite Websites: Animal Jam(I know its a kids site but there alot of warrior clans there!),Warriors Fanfic Wikia,I guess GirlSense I Didn't get much time to enjoy it though,Facebook, and ........ Google?

"Like fire you will blaze through the forest, but beware! Even to most powerful fire can be destroyed by water.."

-Goosefeather to Bluepaw pg.? Bluestar's Propchecy (my favorite warriors book so far)

My Favorite Video Games: SKYLANDERRRRRRRSSSSSSS!!!!!! I luff friggin SKYLANDERS i am only missing 7,eprutor,whamshell,chop chop,zook,zap,Stump Smash,Boomer and thats it!CAN'T WAIT TILL GIAMNT AND NEW SKYLANDERS WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!Okay my next favorite game is Mortal Kombat 9,Favorite player..... SKARLET!!!!


Heyyyyy Guys, so I've had nothing really to do lately so I'm going to requests! :D

All you have to do is go on my talk page and give a nice, long description about your charrie under REQUESTS!

and i will get you your pic as soon as possible.

My favorite pages

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