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I'm sorry I've been inactive. I forgot about WFW. I'm going to try to be active again, but still that may be hard since I'm in school and all. Anyway, hi :D. SweetSacrifice♪ 04:48, September 16, 2012 (UTC)

Hey there, I'm SweetSacrifice13, and I'm new here, but don't get me wrong, I've definitely been on here before! Older users might (hopefully!) remember me as Cloverfang a.k.a. Clover. So just call me Clover because I can't think of any nicknames from SweetSacrifice13 except for Sweetie but that would be awkward so....yeah, just call me Clover. ^_^

Favorite colors: Black, purple, & lime green ^.^

Favorite music: Pierce the Veil, A Day To Remember, Evanescence, Flyleaf, Paramore, Daughtry, Aerosmith, Avril Lavigne, 30 Seconds to Mars, My Chemical Romance, Stereo Skyline, Fireflight, Boys Like Girls, The Fray, Fall Out Boy, Never Shout Never, CatchingYourClouds

Favorite actors/actresses: Jack Black, Johnny Depp, and some chick but I forgot who :o

Favorite Movies: Interview, Tuck Everlasting (the 2002 version), Pirates of the Carribean (All of them!), Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Castle In The Sky, Kiki's Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoro, Wind Chill, The Clique, Catwoman (I don't care what people say! That movie was GOOD!)

Favorite TV shows: Pretty Little Liars

Favorite Books: Pretty Little Liars series (guess what? I was a fan of the books before the show even came out!), A Bad Boy Can Be Good For A Girl by Tanya Lee Stone, Go Ask Alice by Anonymous, and Falling Hard: A Book of Poetry by Teens

Guestbook/Friends List

Please sign if you knew "Cloverfang" (me lol) or if you're just interested in my awesomeness! (Well, that sounds vain of me!)

SweetSacrifice13 05:29, June 26, 2011 (UTC) (I'll have to work on a siggie, but this outghta do for now)

hey clover or what ever your name is now im bloodstar Glass Heart Breaks So Easily 22:29, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

What's up my home doug? xD --Spookystorm 12:27, June 30, 2011 (UTC)

Clover! :D --ArtimasHunter 23:53, September 26, 2011 (UTC)


Finished Stand-Alones

1. The Perfect Haunting of Lilah - This is about a she-cat who was murdered in the heart of her own Clan. It's from her (1st person) point of view, and tells the time before she died up until she did, and after (the perfect haunting!). Finally finished!

2. I'm Gonna Dream Big - A comedy/crackfic that's written like it should be taken seriously, but trust me, it's a humor story. About four cats who have out-of-this-world big dreams (for cats, anyways), and to what extent they go to succeed in these dreams. Finally finished!

Unfinished Stand-Alones

1. Frozen Everlasting - A Warriors version of Tuck Everlasting (the 2002 movie). Frozenpaw has always felt trapped in SkyClan. After her mother attempts to send her to a special Clan, Frozenpaw runs away and meets a tom that is as strange as he is special. Together, they go on a timeless adventure. (Thanks to Bloodstar for giving me the title idea!)


1. Crowfeather's Remorse - A poem Crowfeather "wrote" to Feathertail, stating how much remorse he has that he didn't save her.

2. Whitestorm's Memory - A poem Whitestorm "wrote" as a kit to his mother, Snowfur, after she died. Very sad!

3. Silverstream's Stars - A poem Silverstream "wrote" to Graystripe, about when they first met to when she died that horrible death.


1. Together Again - Original Artist is Evanescence! It's about a cat who's mate is dying before her eyes.

2. One of Those She-Cats - Original Song is One Of Those Girls by Avril Lavigne. About a tom who is left with nothing after a she-cat he likes takes him on a hunting patrol and steals all his prey. It's sort of a parody.