Current Sig:

HALLOWEENHurry Up And Give Me Candy!Witch kitten by angelishi-d30gg0u

Normal Sigs:

SunspiritThe Way the Breeze Whispers… 08:51, June 8, 2010 (UTC)

SUNSPIRIT:DGotta Love Newleaf!


SUNSPIRITBest Furry Friends Forever!

SunspiritGotta Love Newleaf Eye-wuv-manga124

SunFEEL THE SUNSHINEspirit -- I'm never gonna use this sig, becuz it's rightfully Insaneular's, I just wanted 2 see what it would look like if I did it xD

Holiday Sigs:

HALLOWEENSpirit's Gettin' Scared!Th blackcat-01

Sigs To Come:

ッ Luckyspirit ッ'Feelin' Lucky? Gold

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