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These are my friends I have found on the wiki. If your not on here, add your name in and I'll do the rest! One thing though, If I don't know you that well and you put your name here, I'll just wait until I learn more about you!

My Closest Friends:

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A place where everyone can sign!

  • Sunny- One of my Best, Best, best , and best friends on the wiki. Super nice, fun and great! You ROCK Sunneh! Best friends Forever!
  • Wetty- A really kind user whom I first met on the IRC. Really nice!
  • Arti- One of my best friends on the wiki. So Funny, random and cool. She's really awesome and she'll always be one of my BFFs
  • River- A Really good friend who I know from Warriors wiki. Really kind and a great story-teller!
  • Forest- A really evilly funny user with a great sense of humour. One of my Best Best Best best and Best friends on the wiki. She so evilly rocks!
  • Birdy - A user who I'm getting to know. She's nice and friendly, always happy!
  • Misty - A really, and I mean really contributive user. I really want to know her better, because she sounds like she just might be topped with awesome-sauce ;)
  • Rosie- Yay! Whenever I want my macadamia cookie she's there. Rosie's loads of fun and I've never seen her grumpy in the short time I've been on this wiki.
  • Snickers - Snickers! Snickers! Snickers is an awesome user who comments on like, everything! xD
  • Icey- An epic user which contributes a whole bunch. She's funny and kind, random, but in a good way! :D
  • The One The Only The Awesome STARHAVEN!!!
Sunspirit - Best Furry Friends Forever!
TALK - C'mon, Chat with me!
I'll add more later!
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