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Shimmering Lake - A story about A cat, Sunkit, who faces troubling descisons and learns her skills at hunting. (Yet to be completed)

Into The Forest - About my cat Reinette who becomes a daylight-warrior in ThunderClan.

Leafstar's Prophecy - Set right after SkyClan's Desiny, I added this just for the heck of it. :D (Just Started)


Warriors Idol: Vanilla Twilight - My songfic about Graystripe missing Silverstream. :D

Songfics Mad - LOL< I wanted to do this one for ages. Thanks for the nice comments guys :D Frontline - It's about Tigerstar and Scourge.

Caramelldansen - English Version - Asking me why I did this song? Answer: I'm random.

Shared Projects!

Trick Or Treat: Shared with Sunny, Arti, Wetty, Forestpaw and River. We all have a POV and It's based off Halloween! :D

More coming soon! Keep in touch cuz there'll be more!

Yours Always! --HALLOWEENSpirit's Gettin' Scared!Th blackcat-01.gif 06:04, October 8, 2010 (UTC)

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