Fe61145f7c393a29d42c5c2b29feb1a1-1.gifSpirit -LOL, I'm my own buddy! xD

Befb0c1866b9df06b4def769951d2743.gif River - Awesome IRC Bud :D

5f1c11f549dca22ce2e70712f5c20948.gif Forest - I see her on nearly every day. She's awesome!

7582f5634fbff4971eca3a05ebe46d2e.gif Wetty - Topped with awesome sauce, I see her on everyday

Cats-aint-waterproof.gif Sunny - Awesome user, epic!

D4a86240474e0c2d8a641f948c0bf908.gif Icestorm - So nice and friendly. An epic user and really funny!

Josh-travolta-1.gif Arti - Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! :D

--HALLOWEENSpirit's Gettin' Scared!Th blackcat-01.gif 06:33, October 9, 2010 (UTC)

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