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Merry Christmas!
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October 2010

Lifelong fight by noreydragon-d2yx2m2-1.gif

Hiya, I'm Spirit, Sunny, whatever, but now that you've heard of me your life has become 80% better XD. This is my user page. It's a Christmas special page XD. My name is Sunspirit, but I really prefer Spirit I've joined this wiki awhile ago, and I really enjoy reading and writing fanfiction novels. I hope to help out this wiki more and more! You'll probably see me around!. Why don't you drop on by to my talk page. Bye Bye!... For Now >:D --ޓSun spiritޓSanta Paws is coming to town!Xmas kitten avatar by r0se designs-d349iyk.gif 02:38, December 13, 2010 (UTC)

Real Life

By my friend's standards, this is what I look like

Real name: Kat (Katrina, is meh real name, but all my friends call me K.K, Kit Kat and Kat.

B-day: Aug. 29th

I joined this wonderful wiki on June 14 th, 2010.

My email for this thing is sunspirit.warriors@gmail.com. Please only use this for emergencies.

My Character

Shimmering Lake

This is about my charrie, Sunpaw. She's entergetic and amusing. She's always ready for fun.

Into The Forest

Too lazy to write about it, just saying that it's about meh cat.

About Me

I'm known around here as sweet (from Arti), nice (from Forest), apparently I 'rock' (From Arti) xD

Nicks my Friends give me Here:

  • Spirit (Arti, Sunny, Forest and Wetty call me this)
  • Sunnehspireteh (Rosiesback calls me this)
  • Sunny (Occasionally people call me this)

Real Life Nicks

  • Kit Kat
  • Kat
  • K.K

My Talk bubble

{{User talk bubble/Sunspirit|text= Hiya, this is meh talk bubble


Vids I like

thumb|300px|right|LOL, I played this game, It's so funny xD thumb|300px|right|LOL for Harry Potter Fans XD

My Clans





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