• I live in the boonies. v___v
  • I was born on October 14
  • I am a complete and utter geek x3

RaichudoingcharameldansenThx u tons, TPL, for giving me this! ^.^ Raichudoingcharameldansen

Hey I'm Sunnyfrost! You can call me Frosty or Sunny or just Sunnyfrost. I don't care. ;)

About me!

I am a girl, obviously, and I am a fairly new user to the Warriors Wikia world.

I have EST (Eastern Standerd Time)

I like Club Penguin, Pokemon (Raichu specifically), and Warriors.

If I don't know what to do on here, like make a new page or something I will usually try to go with the next best thing.

Some of my friends on here and on Warriors Proboards are: Moonflight, Ravenflight, and Bramblestar9.

I would have liked to be friends with Sparrowsong before she quit, but I just didn't get a chance. :(

I can handle cussing a-OK.

I will probably get mad if ppl are talking about something and I ask "What?" and they say "Nothing." or "Nevermind". Just a fair warning.

EDIT: Sorry i haven't been on much anymore. this wikia hasn't been all its cracked up to be, and i've discovered many more sites that i'd rather be on then here. not to say this site is bad, but frankly, i think ive had enough. im not very good at fanfiction, and for some reason ppl just dont like me the way they like Wetty or Arti or Hiddensun. while on the other hand, both on different sites and in real life, i have made many new friends (and enemies ^_^) and i have found new talent in drawing that i didnt know i had. i love all my friends from here, and i'm glad i knew them well, but i dont think i was meant to stay here for very long. if you need me, go to my formspring, my deviantart, or my twitter. and i hope i see you all again some day. i may even come on from time to time.

that is all~

SunnyfrostWhat's the matter? Can't catch up?

What I Will Not Do

I will never reveal my name to anyone on here.

I won't specifically state my address.

I will not cuss.

I don't hack. I never hack.

I will not leave this Wikia because it is so awesome 8-)


Current: Sunnyfrost


SunnyfrostWhat's the matter? Can't catch up?


SunnyfrostTrick or Treat! >:D

SunnyfrostMY BDAY IN 3 DAYS!! :D



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