Ok well, to make a long story short I changed my name to Stray Moonlight becuase it sounded cooler I will still use the category Flareon's Fanfic and you can still call me Flareon or Flare as you wish.

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Being a Fanficion writer and a pokeon fan I am a member of the pokemon fanficion wiki

My work

The SOULmate:Presentclan is a clan lost in the shadows of darkness and blood. Xepher is a young warrior ready to serve his clan, but when he refuses to kill a prisoner, he is marked as a traitor. Now Xepher and Time must discover the way to endure the hardships of being an outcasts and they must find the source of Presentclan’s evil.(Airs Every Thursday)

Corruption:The year is 2092 the humans are at war with other humans.They have decided to use animals as weapons. Cats are the ones being used.The felines suffer a genetic transformation and either mutate or corrupt.Only 15% percent of the cats mutate the others corrupt..........Lunaris was born in the heart of darkness.In a lab.......She must escape...and stop the experiments before the world is plagued by a new super-race.

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