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  • Stand-alones

Reflections--When the kittypet Rajah discovers that his closest friend, Bailey, is a lost Clan cat, he goes on an adventure with her in the wild. But Clan life may not be for everybody...

The Legend of Losttooth--Losttooth's tired of being ridiculed, and he's ready to prove to his childhood enemies that he's stronger than they'll ever be.

Not Blind—Dragon, a kittypet, is tired of seeing only a bit in front of her. But when her house is burnt down, she'll need to learn how to use more than her sight.

  • Up for Adoption

Rajah's Rage--A rouge named Rajah(no relation to the one in Reflections) is willing to stamp out the Clans, no matter what it takes.

Poisoned--On his last life, Rabbitstar is poisoned with deathberries. All evidence points to Leafpelt, but someone else, the real murderer, is hiding in the shadows.

  • Songfics

Love Away (songfic)--Wolftooth recalls his love, Rosewhisker, who died in a border skirmish.

  • Spoofs

How to drive ThunderClan crazy—Just what it sounds like. Three kittypets cause chaos in ThunderClan.

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