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a little hub for random stork ideas, quotes, or thoughts

enjoy, little shapeshifters.

"we create our own reality. everything is different to everyone."

"it's like you've been left alone with nothing to do and a home invasion coming. your family doesn't show up, and suddenly you've fallen under its spell."

"I still taste the past, and everything is temporary."

"we supported each other, despite the little time we had."

"anxiety swallows you whole, and you still have to remain smiling, because nobody can know what you're going through. you don't want to put burdens on anyone."

"the one time we spoke, in a real conversation, alone, we were happy. afterward, it was like trying to get someone out of prison - we couldn't find a way to do it, for a while."

"we try to not be drags, but being a background character, I was a pretty big anchor that she was holding onto. she tried ditching me ages ago, I realized, and because of that, I dropped her, too."

"I've been scared of myself since the day I recognized myself."

"does anything happen when you end up shoving yourself out?"

"I wouldn't say being who I am is easy, as there are camps out there that want me dead."

"did we ever talk again? no, not immediately. but then thursday came."

"suicide notes can be as simple as 'come with me' or as complex as 'the stars collided and exploded before my eyes'."

"hamilton didn't throw away his shot at being great. look where that got him!"

"what is canada?"

"she smiled like she wanted to redeem, and her eyes said 'don't leave me behind' but her previous actions told me she didn't want this friend of hers."

"of course, I didn't ask for my love. I didn't ask for her. I didn't ask to leave my old life behind and plunge into the ocean."

"they said that she was trying to say that she wanted to talk with me. her actions around her friends were just illusions, they said. sources say that she felt guilty for missing her opportunity."

"those ocean eyes said revival, but I was too far behind to listen."

"we shake hands with our insecurity and whisper our names into its darkness."

"our friendship was more than a simple wave or the occasional hello or few sentences spoken. an unspoken bond had only started sprouting."

"but then thursday passed and tuesday became our gathering afternoon."

"it's not so lonely when I remember your smile."

sometime make a flower cat and call it "flower nerd" and have the main character be this little adorable black and white tom. his name's patchbreeze.

absolutely write about a pair of bengal sisters - one charcoal, the other silver charcoal

yin yang sisters - flickerflare and stormsky. tortie and silver tabby. opposite personalities.

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