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welcome to storkver's trivia

this will change at any time

spoilers, obviously


  • Stag is very unique to me, and I have used a bit of the idea for his fic for several other small stories of mine




  • I love the names Skyross and Hrydx. They're totally unique and amazing.
  • Skyross has a lot of internal debate, which is a quality based upon myself, as I also have a bit of a debate internally.
  • Hrydx is slightly based off of Copperdusk from Dusks of Copper, Aspenpaw from For the Birds, and Renee from Fire Rainbow's human version. (seacat knows what I mean -winks-)
  • Hrydx's name is pronounced her-rye-dix

Shipping Fun

  • Riversplash has slight social phobia
  • Juniperstream has misophonia, which means that certain sounds will trigger negative emotions in him.
    • He is, however, very good at keeping his reactions to a minimum; however, too much could trigger him terribly.

King, Luna, Angelus & Stranger

  • Stranger is most definitely bisexual.
    • To clear the other two: Luna is also bisexual and Angelus is demisexual.
    • If King had not worked out the way it did:
      • Angelus and Luna would've had a relationship, which would've ended in a blazing pile of garbage. Luna would have discovered she was carrying kits, talked to Angelus about them, and asked him about fatherhood, which turns into a huge argument that leads to her leaving and finding Stranger instead.
      • Luna and Stranger would've been mates after the above. They're happy that way, after all.
      • The side stories would have still been named Luna, Angelus, and Stranger, but the only one to feature them would be Stranger.
        • Instead, Luna and Angelus would focus on their kits: the kingdoms have fallen, and the two siblings, who grew up in separate kingdoms, struggle to find out information. Stranger would have focused on her recovery from Luna's death.
  • Pax wasn't meant to die, but needed to for plot.
  • You'll be figuring out a lot more about those cats.
  • Rip Tipo, Fratz, Pax, and more.
  • Luna's got a lot to do
  • Stranger's got a lot to worry about
  • Angelus needs to get his act together


  • Yes, Patchbreeze is the same one from my ideas page.
    • He's got generalized anxiety and social anxiety, as well as depersonalization disorder
    • He's a rather interesting cat, appearing to be the opposite of masculinity in American society... that'll play a big role later.
  • Russetfang is gay. She'll find someone.
  • Thrushfeather's bi. Some of his relationships will be explored.


  • Ummu's pan. That means she could be attracted to anyone.
    • She leans towards she-cats, but still has a thing for a tom she met (that'll be explored)
  • Leopardpaw definitely isn't attracted to strictly toms. She's most likely bi.
  • Leopardpaw may or may not have lied to Ummu about Wrenpaw.
  • Ummu's life isn't simply what she's stated.
  • It's not called Surrender for no reason.


  • Senka's name means "shadow" in Serbian.
  • Senka is, in fact, cursed. It is actually paranormal, and not just a fake.
    • And as she states - her blood is black with bright yellow, vine-like structures. It does look a bit like bright molten lava.
  • Maplebreeze has anxiety. There's no doubt about it.
  • Senka does have a thing for Maplebreeze... heheh.
  • Maplebreeze is bisexual. There will only be one relationship explored with her, and it doesn't mean she's any less bisexual.
  • Jackalclaw's gonna be deputy, since nobody in FC will object to it.
  • Splashstar denied that Jackalclaw would kill her after a dream she had.
  • Yarrowmint was, in fact, a day too late with her dream.


  • Spiderstar is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.
  • Starlingheart's name is completely intentional.
    • No, she's not trans.
  • Acornblaze may or may not have feelings for Starlingheart... heheh
  • Acornblaze's mentor was purposefully left unnamed, as that was the intent the whole time.
    • He'd been the "unknown father" of more than a few litters when he'd died.
  • If Twigpaw hadn't died:
    • He would've learned from Acornblaze's mentor.
    • Cedarthorn would've absolutely hated him, as she'd learn about his issues and how he coped with them.
    • He'd still be calling Starlingheart "he" rather than "she"
  • Starlingheart and Acornblaze will find their happiness eventually.
  • The fading stars are very important as an underlying antagonist.

Ashfeather's Choice

  • Ashfeather is based off of his rp character.
    • As such, a lot of it is based faintly on the moments in RP.
  • Hawkfeather is based on his RP sister, Falconheart.
  • I may write up a sequel with the incarnated character... if I do, it'll be about his relationships.
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