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so these are all of my fanfics; don't kill me as some of them are super n00by

take note that most of these are incomplete and some are not listed here



note: secondary bullet points indicate the parts/fics of the series, in chronological order


  • Labyrinth - The labyrinth near Skyross' home has been drawing cats away for all the years he's been alive. His leader, his mother, his Brother, everyone has gone in, and nobody has come out. Skyross is determined to be the first to do so. Status: Incomplete


  • For the Birds - For many seasons, there have been Birds. Birds who take the cats of the Clans, and torture them to death. Those who are picked are never seen again. However, this time, it seems, may be different. Seasons: 2 (third confirmed) Status: Incomplete

Individual Stories

  • Stormwillow's Suffering - Follow the story of a rogue known as Stormwillow, through her hardships, through pain, through life. Status: Complete
  • Nightmare - A rogue called Nightmare comes in every few moons to kill off Clan cats. But what happens when an apprentice follows her? Status: Incomplete


  • Surrender - oa is walk the moon. Ummu has never been normal when it comes to cats. She's never met anyone like her - so sensitive, so empathetic, so passionate... she's never been accepted for her differences. So when she meets a Clan cat, Leopardpaw, she doesn't know how to feel when she manages to befriend the apprentice. What's to come of this risky friendship? Status: Incomplete


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