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well I guess you're looking for more about me c:

the super important stuff

hello! my name is Stormver/Stork, though you may also call me Piper (as that’s the name I use!), and my pronouns are she/they (please don't use he/him pronouns for me!). I'll keep my age private, though if you must know, the equation 15 < x < 18 is applicable. my birthday is November 5th, therefore I'm a Scorpio, and I‘m the owner of the wiki's discord server (as well as a few others).

as of January 2020, I reside in America, in Eastern Standard/Daylight Time, and that means I'm roughly 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time/the wiki clock. please don't ask where specifically I live! that's rude and personal and information that I'm not willing to share.

I identify as non-binary, which technically makes me transgender, though I do use she/her as well as they/them pronouns! c: I also identify as sapphic and demisexual, which basically means I like girls & don’t experience attraction unless I’m close to someone ;)

my personality type is INFP-T, which isn't the rarest personality type but still falls in the area, and my DnD alignment is chaotic good. I promise I'm not bad once you get to know me!

i think that's about it for me up here, there's some more below

a bit more about me
  • I’m an avid writer outside of the wiki, and I write a lot of original content!!
    • some of my favorite original characters are my art twins BG and Copic, my apocalypse girls Solorum and Tasrah, and my band crew Sylvan, Yvonne, and Sam!
    • my favorite warriors related original characters are Senka and Maplebreeze (from Syncopation), Nebula and Talon (from Nebula), Luna, Angelus, and Stranger (from King, as well as its self-titled sequels Luna, Angelus and Stranger), and Amazon and Lapis (from Maybe I'm Dreaming)!
  • I’ve got a lot of animals at home, including four cats named Swiftfoot, Imari, Sophie, and Frazier!
    • they’re quite a handful... but I love them c:
  • I play Nintendo games mainly!
    • usually on my switch!
    • top series I like are zelda, splatoon, super smash bros, and pokemon, among others!
  • I sometimes produce my own music and know how to play violin, ukulele, and some piano, guitar, and drums.
    • currently learning electric ukulele!
  • I’ve only traveled outside my country twice - once to England, the other to Ghana.
  • I’m quite introverted in my personal life, even though I don’t really seem like it online.
  • I use Twitter most often outside of the wiki, though you can find me on Discord as well
    • note: my Twitter is pg-13, so be mindful if you’re gonna go exploring on it
  • I have a very avid and visual imagination; much of how I think is in pictures instead of words. a bit ironic, considering I’m a writer c,:
  • I’ve met two online friends of mine, neither of whom are on the wiki, and they are very close to me <3
    • they continue to remain very close to me and I appreciate them a lot <3
  • As much as I’m not into the series anymore, I do still take admiration in a lot of fanfictions here; you are all very talented writers!
  • I'm super into movies and pop culture as a whole. I've been working hard in filmmaking outside of the wiki as well!
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