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"I don’t need you to respect me, I respect me,"

"I don’t need you to love me, I love me,"

"But I want you to know you could know me,"

"If you change your mind..."

~ "Change Your Mind" ~ Zach Callison

"I'm real and I don't feel like boys."

- "Girls like Girls" ~ Hayley Kiyoko

making cats gay since 2014

currently playing fire emblem: three houses, listening to post malone, and reading rebel girls <3


my name's stormver, but i also go by stork! i'm a fairly senior user down here (i'm at about five years and eleven months!), and i use they/them or she/her pronouns. please don't use masculine pronouns for me! i'm pretty well known for my things like king, nebula, and syncopation.

i do my own coding, and i take signature requests on my talk page. i've made several users' signatures - but if i somehow don't get to yours, you're welcome to refresh me on my talkpage, and i'll get to it soon! just tell me about it and i'll help you out.

i can also help with wiki actions - i'm an admin here! feel free to ask me about things on my talkpage!

i do live in america, and my timezone is eastern standard/daylight time. please don't ask me where specifically i live - that's rude, personal, and against the rules here! if you want to see what time it is where i am, though, just pull up the time of new york.

please don't talk to me rudely or be intimidated by me! i'm generally a pretty kind user if you treat me nicely :) i promise i don't bite! i won't really want to talk to you if you're rude to me or someone i know and care about or just a general bigot (this does include but isn't limited to: homophobia, racism, transphobia, xenophobia, etc). respect how the community is and i'll be pleased to speak with you.

more things about me: i don't type in lowercase to be rude, i do it because i'm lazy. i'm non-binary and i've got anxiety (despite the confidence i apparently reflect). there's a bit more about me over here!

i'm often the one to bring up controversial topics on here, so don't be surprised about it! i've talked about the differences between canon and fanfiction, contests, and other issues.

if you'd like to contact me elsewhere, my twitter's up in my bio above, and my discord is @storkbork#8487. you're welcome to call me on chat for me to private message you some of my other social media c: i'll usually see your message within a few days, but you can always contact me elsewhere if i don't!

enjoy your stay, {{{1}}}. i'd be happy to talk with you again sometime.

Storkver test.jpg This user is a very confused stork

thanks for visiting the void's sea

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