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making cats gay since 2014

currently rather busy with school browsing! yes i'm old


my name's stork, or at least that's what most users call me these days (thank you, whiskers). you're welcome to call me other things if i'm alright with it.

quick things to note about me: i use she/her and they/them pronouns & am non-binary! please don't use masculine pronouns for me! i think i'm probably best known for my stories king, nebula, syncopation, & surrender, among others, and i've been here since july 2014. i also own & operate wfw's discord server, so i'm the user to ask about when it comes to that!

additionally, i'm also an admin of both the wiki and the discord server! feel free to leave any questions or concerns on my talkpage. if i'm not open or otherwise preoccupied, please send a message to one of the other admins, primarily brams! one of us should get back to you shortly :)

i do consider myself to be helpful overall, and i do know a lot about some of the more technical aspects of the wiki, so feel free to ask me about that! i also take signature requests on my talkpage if you're interested, but i ask kindly that you don't steal my coding! i do put a lot of work and effort into my signatures and it takes me quite a bit of time to make them, so it greatly irritates me to see someone stealing my work! i'm not really the one to ask when it comes to userpages, though; the code i have on my userpage is about as simple as it can get!

my timezone is currently UTC -5, or eastern standard/daylight time! your one other hint is that i live somewhere on the east coast on the states, where est applies. the best way to see what time it is for me is to pull up the time of new york city; the time there is generally what time it happens to be for me.

i've written quite a few blog posts about some somewhat controversial topics, including contests, canon vs. fanfiction, advice for collabs, and character pages. please feel free to read over these as you will; note that some are a few years old at this point, so some of what's in there doesn't apply as much.

if you would like to contact me elsewhere or view work i've done outside of the wiki, my twitter is linked in my profile, and my discord is storkbork#8487. i also have a toyhou.se & ao3; take note that both of these are pg-13, preferably 15+. i do tend to put more mature content on both, some of which is a bit too mature for the wiki, so browse at your own risk!

feel free to browse some of the other tabs listed here! i'm generally pretty busy so i may take a little bit to respond these days :)

heya, so these are all the sigs I've made; some are very old and show my lack of skill in coding for a while lol.

a lot of my signatures are based on songs, but i tend to do anything that sticks out to me, so most of the things i do are based on the image the quote gives me!

please do not steal my coding!! it makes me very annoyed when a signature i put literal hours into gets taken!! you are welcome to ask me if i can help but please do not steal!
i do take requests! ask over on my talk page!



I wanted to walk with you... - this is a fun quote from fire emblem three houses! i'd give some context, but that spoils it c:


yeah, loving is easy, when everything's perfect, please don't change a single little thing for me - song is "loving is easy" by rex orange county! it gave me some signature vibes :)

"You made me a promise. Why couldn't I keep it?" - this is a quote i was thinking about when i made this signature, roughly inspired by "promises" by kabuki!

put a price on emotion, i'm looking for something to buy - one i made for WW! quote is from "fine line" by harry styles!

fine, electrify mine

can't look at those eyes

- this is a massive amount of code based on jack stauber’s “buttercup!” the song is super catchy to me and i absolutely love it <3

you're the sunflower, i think your love would be too much - quote is from "sunflower" by post malone ft. swae lee. it was stuck in my head for a while ;)

'cause she tastes like birthday cake and storytime and fall - qoute is from "she" by dodie clark! i used this one from june-december 2018 and i'm very happy with how it turned out :D

it's not so lonely when I remember your smile.

the moon's light basked on it

- the wingdings do say the moon's light basked on it!! this was a reminder for myself that I won't be forgetting people I left behind in may of '18 for a while and it helped me feel a lot better <3

I hope hopeless changes over time - extremely proud of this one :D the quote's from "hopeless" by halsey, and I coded it specifically because of a difficult situation a friend of mine was going through at the time and wanted to cheer her up. she's doing much better now and because of that, I changed my signature to something else, but I love this sig and I'm very proud of this one <3

wake me if you're out there! - a part of a matching sig with seacat! still extremely proud of this one. quote is from angels by owl city!

no matter what you do i'll still be there for you - another part of a matching sig with seacat! quote is from never be alone by thefatrat <3

Never thought love could be found - this was a sig i used in 2016 for a few months. quote's from surround you by echoSmith!

Year In Space - a super basic sig i had for about a month, in honor of scott kelly

Try to be a RAINBOW in someone's cloud - first time I tried rainbow text!

aureum -- angelus - I got really into Halsey's "hopeless fountain kingdom" okay. If you don't get it - Aureum and Angelus are the two "houses" in the album's storyline. This is used as a welcome signature.

I am Lapis Lazuli, and you can't keep me trapped here anymore! - First sig I made on here, it's not too bad c: I got to practice with another wiki first, and it turned out okay c:

Made for Others:

i've always wondered why we don't need feathers to fly - this was a gift to my friend Brams for her birthday! quote's from "Butterfly Wings" by Owl City <3

"He talked about the o c e a n between people. And how the whole point of e v e r y t h i n g is to find a shore worth s w i m m i n g to." - this one was a gift to Holly for secret santa 2017! quote's from Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli <3

I'd love to be a something to you - this was for Almond! she said I could pretty much do whatever I wanted, so I coded this for her. quote's from "something" by gnash.

When the gloves come off, you'll find out just who I am - a signature made for Texas in late 2018! this was part of a giving back project :)

"See, I'm your destiny!" ~ Qibli - this one was for Owl, also part of my giving back project :)

Gone are the days of old,
lost are the lies we told

now I can realize I'm glad to say goodbye
- for Wolfy!

there are beautiful things seen by the astronauts - part of a matching signature with my friend Sea!

no matter where you go you'll never be alone - another matching signature I did with Sea!

Peaches! Potatoes! Pears! Oh my! - for Misty!

so these are all of my fanfics; some of them are super n00by LOL

take note that most of these are incomplete and some are not listed here



note: secondary bullet points indicate the parts/fics of the series, in chronological order



  • For the Birds - For many seasons, there have been Birds. Birds who take the cats of the Clans, and torture them to death. Those who are picked are never seen again. However, this time, it seems, may be different. Seasons: 2 (third confirmed) Status: Incomplete

Individual Stories


  • Surrender - oa is walk the moon. Ummu has never been normal when it comes to cats. She's never met anyone like her - so sensitive, so empathetic, so passionate... she's never been accepted for her differences. So when she meets a Clan cat, Leopardpaw, she doesn't know how to feel when she manages to befriend the apprentice. What's to come of this risky friendship? Status: Incomplete



this is my sandbox! if you'd like to experiment here, please sign under your own heading c:

if you happen to share a nickname with someone, please link your userpage in your header! c:

also, please don't steal my code or write in my personal section. both of these are little pricks that bother me, especially the former. please don't claim my coding as yours!!

Personal Coding

y o u r m i n d i s a w o r l d

i'll give them shelter like you've done for me

I want my LOVE to SURROUND you
but nothing is
ever still on
everything's blue -- and he's blue
Halsey, "Colors"

it's time to start defying gravity, my love

we mustn't linger. it is easy to get lost in memories

i used to wonder what l o v e felt like

I'll taste the sky and feel alive again

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